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Intercontinental Church of God meets 2nd and 4th Sabbath each month at 11 a.m. in Las Vegas, Nev., at 6545 Casa Linda Dr., Las Vegas, Nev. 89103. All are welcome. Vernon Conley, (702) 252-0851.


Special anniversary web site for the: "Scattered Church of God". Created by: Dr. Robert Stos.

Study Resources, Feast Info., News, Links, and More! Send for our free "Resource Guide." Olive Branches, PO box 1293, Fairview, TN 37062.

Mid-South Sabbatarians: News, Events and Directory. On the web at

Armstrong Archives. Video and audio tapes of H.W. Armstrong, G.T. Armstrong, David Palmer and other like-minded speakers of sound doctrine. Address to : PO Box 173, Botany Bay 1455, NSW, Australia. Ph. 02 93169912.

Any individual or small group wanting advice in spreading the Gospel in their local community is welcome to contact us. We are willing to share our experiences and sources to help you in your efforts. Biblical Fellowship Group, PO Box 690592, Tulsa, OK 74169-0592.

Fund raising

Raise funds for your church, charity, club, school, scouts with a super product that sells itself. Call toll free 1-800-982-3210 ext. 103.

Free information

I.F.P.O./P.P.A. Photographer providing photography services. Would enjoy taking your treasured/unwanted photos and creating precious lovely treasures forever! All in the glory of God. All reflecting the beauty of God. Write:

About whether Jesus was born on Friday evening Oct. 5, 4 B.C. Write: PO Box 2525, Chatswood, NSW 2057, Australia.

Free report! Teach your children positive work ethics and the principles of employment success. Write: The Roadmap, PO Box 4154, Kansas City, KS 66104.

For sale

"Think on These Things," and 15 other songs by Barri Armitage with lyrics poetically adapted from scripture and set to her new arrangements of traditional folk melodies. Cassette ($10.00 + $1.50 S&H). CD ($13.00 + $2.00 S&H). Song sheet set ($3.00 + $1.75 S&H). Maryland residents add 5 % sales tax. Send check or money order payable to: Barri Armitage, 13904 North Gate Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20906;

Prayer requests

Aaron and Paige, Austin, TX, Paige diagnosed with very rare brain infection. Almost non-responsive for over a year. Husband, Aaron, fell and ruptured three discs in his back.

Bengtson, Marian, diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Finney, Orville and Kathleen, 8445 Shell Dr., Tampa, FL 33615, she has throat cancer and he is not in good health. Prayers and cards of encouragement would be appreciated.

Kirk, Mike and Robin, Maryville, IL, complications with unborn son.

Martinez, Richard, 64, Corpus Christi, TX, needs liver transplant.

Miller, Roland, 1024 West Buchanan, Mexico, MO 65265, (573) 582-0260, recovering from massive heart attack.

Faith, Shelby, PO Box 183, High Ridge, MO 63049, hospitalized, tests ongoing.

Gentry, Billie, 40's, Texarkana area, breast lumpectomy, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Hamil, Jesse (father of Wade of Selma, AL), recovering from congestive heart failure.

Henderson, Stephanie, 10, Jacksonville, TX, undergoing tests for possible arthritis.

Jones, Ron, Oak Hill, FL, recovering from congestive heart failure.

Family of Bobby and Carolyn Nichols would like to thank everyone for donations and prayers given after they lost everything in a recent house fire.

Sanders, Elmer, Louisville, KY, cancer.

Victoria, 7 months, granddaughter of Charles Goodwin, RSV surgery recovery.

Adams, Ernest, broken hip, in rest home.

Adams, Bette, brain surgery recovery and heart attack.

Carter, Jeremy, 1, East Texas, leukemia.

Barker, Vance, 260 CR 3524, Leesburg, TX 75451, stroke and ulcers.

Coleman, Roger, 902 E. 3rd St., Stuttgart, AR 72160, undergoing chemotherapy for esophagus cancer, now blood clot in leg.

Crow, Phyllis, 6639 W. 200th St., Portland, IN 47371, breast cancer.

Deborah, daughter of Marie Hall of Singleton, TX, unemployed.

Dunbar, Joni, 1312 Water St., Kerrville, TX 78028, chronic stomach problems, unemployed.

Emerson, Anette, spots found on liver, awaiting tests .

Foissin, Catherine, 23 Alee des Mesanges, St. Max, France 54130, breast cancer with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Graft, Paul, 25, Southgate, Michigan, lymphoma in lungs, liver and possibly colon.

Grandmother of Sharon Bettes, released from hospice care, improving.

Hartsfield, Shania, 15 months, severe injuries from fall.

Horne, Guyna, PO Box 573, Ben Franklin, TX 75415, pneumonia.

Hudak, Debbie, foster baby not fully developed.

Hufton, Ian, 2432 CR 3540, Hawkins, TX 75765, pulled muscles.

Ionnidis, Brenda, 3320 S. FM 973, Dell Valle, Austin, TX 78617, needs job, church, and people who care.

Jeff, Sr. (nephew of Robert Goodwin), blood too thick.

Kane, Susan Hand, Southgate, MI, breast cancer, chemotherapy.

Lancaster, Dorothy, cancer worsening, chemotherapy on hold.

Lawson, Judy, 328 S. Elm, Ponca City, OK 74601, dialysis, lungs filling with fluid, on oxygen.

Legg, Raymond, sclerosis of the liver.

Lewis, Marilyn, 2465 Pebblebrook Circle, Conroe, TX 77384, colon cancer, chemotherapy.

McGhee Carole, Louisville, KY, liver cancer spreading.

Meadows, Clint, Russellville, AR, recovering from heart bypass surgery.

Melton, Chris, 30, Amelanotic Choroidal Melanoma in eye.

Riley, Flo (mother of John-Barry Skidmore), lung cancer, death of husband.

Scott, Daniel, College Station, TX, strep throat.

See, Sharon, RR1 Box 1133, Eagle Rock, MO 65641, stress and fatigue as caregiver.

Sharp, John, 70's, 2204 Chickasawba, Blytheville, AR 72315, rectal cancer, surgery pending.

Sisk, Charles, 6620 Lothrop Rd., Imlay City, MI 48444, heart, lung, and colon problems.

Sisk, Shirley, Imlay City, Michigan, possible surgery for knee problems.

Smith, Veva, 2227 N. Grace, Springfield, MO 65803, colon cancer.

Thompson, Polly, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

Turner, Albert, Beebe, AR, brain tumor.

Vertz, Ginger, Boston, MA, inoperable liver cancer.

Waller, Charlene, RR 1 Box 86C, New Boston, TX 75570, high blood pressure.

Waller, Luther, RR 1 Box 86C, New Boston, TX 75570, cellulitis.

Webb, Jerry, Spokane, WA area, terminal cancer.

Worth, Bob,, fell, cracked rib.

Wyatt, nephew of Marie Hall of Singleton, TX, heart trouble, cancer and diabetes.

Young married lady in Missouri, pregnant, carrying hemophilia gene.

Andersen, Tim, head injury, possible paralysis.

Lee, Blake, 15, Alabama, aneurysm in brain.

Britt Lena, 30, 2309 Sinking Creek Rd., Johnson City, TN 37604, terminal cancer.

Cochran, Nancy (Kurtz), Chicago, IL, uterine cancer surgery, chemotherapy.

Curran, Bill, Waterloo, IL, brain cancer.

Curran, Charles, Waterloo, IL, colon cancer.

Davis, Cliff, San Augustine, TX, cancer surgery recovery.

Douglas, Dorothy, 41, Houston, TX, breast cancer, double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy.

Elliott, 15, advanced scoliosis.

Evans, Ophelia, 711C Seaquint Ave. No. 6L, Far Rockaway, NY 11691-5754, cancer.

Eyestone, Bonnie, Western Michigan, cancer surgery recovery.

Fontao, Olga, Miami, FL (Tony Fontao's mother), mastectomy, cancer, chemotherapy.

Gotman, Nick, Mississauga, Canada, brain tumor surgery, radiation treatments.

Hammons, Lucy, 4307 Patton, Longview, TX 75601, asthma.

Harris, Patti, breast cancer surgery recovery.

Hendrickson, John, RR 1 Box 134B, Thorndale, TX 76571, chronic kidney problem.

Hilton, Ethel, Springfield, MO, heart problems.

Hulet, Art, Perry, OK, prostate cancer.

Hutchins, Linda, HC 89 Box 55, Guion, AR 72540, cancer surgery and radiation.

Jacques, Alexander (Zander) 2, Fort Lauderdale, FL, leukemia, chemotherapy.

Masters, Jane, 59, 203 Craig St., Clinton, MO 64735, cancer, radiation.

Medina, Leonard, 13, rare tumor disorder. Father with colon cancer.


A longtime member of the Church of God, UCG, Lt. Col. James J. Querns, USAF retired, died Nov. 13 in Mesa, Ariz., of complications of pneumonia. He was 77. He joined the WCG after meeting and talking to Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong at one of his Bible lectures in California. He later met and married Jacqueline Capper and lived in Arizona. He is survived by his wife, Jacqueline; 4 sons; 11 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; 3 brothers; and 1 sister.

Willetta M. Daniel of Pensacola, Fla., died Jan. 20 after a long illness. She was born March 27, 1938, in Huron, Ohio. She was baptized in the Worldwide Church of God in 1967 in Dayton, Ohio. In 1978 she moved to Pensacola. She was a member of the WCG until 1993. Mrs. Daniel is survived by her husband, Glenn; 10 children; 24 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.Her funeral was conducted by Fred Coulter with 1,000 people in attendance.

Aldo Capostoto, 67 of Providence, Rhode Island passed away January 25. The family would like to thank all of those who have sent prayers and blessings. Please continue to remember the family in your prayers.

Kenneth Young of Waco, Texas died January 20 after being ill for several years. Mr. Young was born Jan. 30, 1947. He served in the United States Army in Vietnam in 1966-67. He and his family had been part of the Shreveport, La., and Waco, Tex. Church of God congregations. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn and seven children, Chris, Mary, Leah, Troy, Kelli, Matthew, and Molly; four sisters and two brothers. Cards may be sent to Carolyn Young, PO Box 985, Groesbeck, TX 76642.

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