St. Louis group promotes Sabbath-school news

ST. LOUIS, Mo.--A quarterly periodical--called TODAY: A Sabbath School Newsletter--for teachers, parents and anyone interested in teaching young people God's way of life is available from Churches of God Outreach Ministries (CGOM).

"We feature articles on starting a local Sabbath school, parenting skills and resources available to help parents and teachers," Shelby Faith of St. Louis told The Journal Dec. 25.

Mrs. Faith is the wife of Bill Faith, pastor of the Church of God Sabbatarian, which is associated with CGOM.

"We also include reproducible activities, lessons and crafts in the newsletter to be used for home or classes," she said. "We are developing a catalog of available resources that offer lessons, activities, etc."

A goal of the people working with TODAY (which is an acronym for Teaching Obedience, Discipleship and Agape to Our Youth) is to be a resource for Sabbath-school teachers and parents.

"Years ago we developed Sabbath-school conferences for parents and teachers to attend and share with others their methods and resources," said Mrs. Faith. "It was quite successful, and we would like to see if there is a need for this again with all the scattered and organized Churches of God. This could possibly be an annual conference, maybe centrally located."

A few years ago Mrs. Faith invited the congregation she attends to continue a Sabbath-school newsletter some of the brethren had been involved in while in another congregation.

"I knew we had the experience and enthusiasm to do this same type of newsletter, and CGOM offered to sponsor it," she said. "We have been doing this for almost four years now, and we have contributors and recipients from other groups and organizations."

For more information write Mrs. Faith at P.O. Box 183, High Ridge, Mo. 63049, U.S.A., or Or send requests to CGOM, P.O. Box 54621, Tulsa, Okla. 74155, U.S.A., or

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