Neopaganism can't fill the spiritual void

By Scarlett Stough

LONEDELL, Mo.--If you read only one book within the next year, do yourself a favor and read Because There Was No Shepherd, by Brian Knowles. It's well worth the minimal cost. It costs less than a dinner out and will satisfy your hunger more.

You won't find bitter diatribe; you won't find formula religion; you won't be subjected to another follow-me-I'm-the-true-successor personality. Neither is it a tell-all expose. Mr. Knowles has revealed his own painful journey from "shepherds who feed only themselves" to the Good Shepherd who seeks His flock one sheep at a time.

He writes "to those for whom neither scientific materialism nor Neo-paganism can fill the spiritual void. You want God, but you don't want the baggage that goes with signing on the dotted denominational line. You want to worship God, know God, and obey God, but you're leery of organized religion as the vehicle of facilitation."

Do you feel lost? Are you wondering where God went or if He even exists? Have you wandered in vain from congregation to congregation in search of sound teaching and warm fellowship? Are you so angry that you've driven away family and friends? Have you perhaps stopped praying because you didn't get the answers you wanted?

Advises Mr. Knowles: "The fact that a denomination or sect has let you down, turned you off, or otherwise alienated you does not justify your abandoning your Christian walk . . ."

Just reading this book won't change your life, but you will find encouragement there.

"We have choices about how we will get our spiritual needs met," opines Mr. Knowles, "and about how we will make our contribution to the Body."

Send for the book for $14.95 from P.O. Box 2203, Monrovia, Calif. 91017, U.S.A.

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