Kansas City youths retreat to campus center

By Paula Frazee

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--The fifth annual Youth Retreat in Kansas City took place Dec. 28-31 at the Salvation Army Camp and Conference Center. It was attended by 34 Church of God youths from various organizations and independent fellowships. The four-day (and three-night) event was organized by Laurinda Armer to provide fellowship and wholesome activities during the winter break.

Camp facilities included a gym and a game room. An arts-and-crafts table provided opportunities for painting, clay modeling, colored-chalk drawing and origami during free periods. Twister, cards and board games also proved popular.

Outings included a trip Thursday night to Laser Storm for laser tag and indoor swimming on Friday afternoon. A photo scavenger hunt with gag prizes for each category fell on Friday.

Terry Bohannon and John Owens of Ashland, Ala., led morning Bible activities. A young married couple, Brian and Jennifer Foy, gave the Friday-evening Bible study on qualities needed in a mate and how to develop those in one's life.

The retreaters took part in Sabbath services by playing the piano, making announcements, reading Scripture, leading in song and prayer and performing special music.

Lenny Cacchio delivered a two-part sermon. The first cited historical evidence that Jesus lived as a real human being to help the young people answer those who might challenge their faith. The second part gave the biblical answers to the eternal questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

Church services came just before a potluck meal.

Afterwards the youths returned to the camp for a dance with a professional deejay and an all-night lock-in at Booth Lodge.

One determined young man managed to stay awake until 8:15 a.m., but he was outlasted by chaperon John Curry, who remained alert until he left camp after breakfast.

Laurinda Armer, Roger Armer and John Curry defrayed the cost of renting the facilities this year by painting the dormitory rooms.

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