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Free Hebrew-roots letter

OXFORD, Ohio--A quarterly free newsletter on "Hebrew roots" and "sound Christian scholarship" is available from publisher Doug Ward. Articles from Grace and Knowledge also appear at, the Web site of Ken Westby's Association for Christian Development.

To order, write Doug and Sherry Ward, 307 N. Elm. St., Oxford, Ohio 45056, U.S.A., or The latest issue includes "Existence and Uniqueness" and "Pentecost in Jewish and Christian Traditions."

CGI property not sold

TYLER, Texas--In spite of rumors to the contrary, the Church of God International's headquarters property on Lake Palestine near here has not sold, a church spokesman told The Journal. "There have been several people who have come to look at the property, but nobody has put down a contract," she said.

Center features BibArch

NEW YORK, N.Y.--The "Wider View of Things" exhibit at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., will include the BibArch Web site, created by former Ambassador University dean and WCG elder Michael Germano of Cullowhee, N.C. Dr. Germano wants visitors to grow more aware of the culture, times and beliefs of the first Christians, he said. BibArch is at

Brethren ride out fuel crisis

LINCOLN, England--Church of God U.K. elder James McBride says that, although the recent gasoline crisis in Britain caused inconveniences, the brethren here generally fared well through it.

Mr. McBride told The Journal Sept. 14: "We had quite a crisis, with allegedly 95 percent of petrol stations out of fuel for a couple of days now. The blockades by hauliers [transporters]--farmers mostly--of refineries and distribution centers led to a rush on stocks as folk filled up, sometimes unnecessarily." Church of God member Bob Devine, who lives in the U.K., said Sept. 11 that at one outlet in Derby (where the Global Church of God U.K. is headquartered) the price at the pumps was $16 per gallon.

The African connection

SPERRY, Okla.--A historic conference, "Sabbath Roots: The African Connection," is set for Nov. 8-9 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Anyone from any Sabbatarian church is invited, Marsha Basner told The Journal.

Presenters will include Charles Bradford, author of the book with the same name as the conference; Sidney Davis Jr., president of the Bible Sabbath Association; Jacques Doukhan, professor at Andrews Theological Seminar in Michigan; and Jean-Paul Heldt of Fuller Theological Seminar.

"This is a rare occasion for us to hear from scholars and clerics about the many dimensions of Shabbat [the Sabbath]," said Ms. Basner, a conference promoter.

Registration is $100. For details call (800) 732-7587 or (818) 681-6472, or write

Basil Wolverton inducted

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--Basil Wolverton, WCG elder and cartoonist who died in 1978, was named to the Will Eisner Hall of Fame at Comic-Con International in July. Mr. Wolverton, before affiliating with the then Radio Church of God in the 1940s, was a Vaudeville performer, radio broadcaster and comic-book author and illustrator. He also wrote and illustrated The Bible Story in six volumes for the Radio/Worldwide Church of God from the 1950s through the '70s. His work still frequently appears in Mad magazine.

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