Don't talk religion at Ducky's Pub

GOLD RIVER, Calif.--Ducky's Pub & Village, the Web site, is thriving after five years as a news source for and about people who worked for the Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador University, reports Melissa Prohs, who created and maintains Ducky's.

"The Web site fills a unique niche," said Mrs. Prohs, who lives here with her husband, John. "Doctrinal discussions and other theological matters are not discussed in Ducky's. Pre-1986 literature is not offered. Nor is the site affiliated with any so-called WCG offshoot," although the Prohses are members of the Church of God, an International Community, based in Pasadena.

"Good news is always encouraging to others; sad news is a burden made lighter when shared," mused Mrs. Prohs.

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