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New Feast site

ANAHEIM, Calif.--Mark D. Kaplan, a former Ambassador University faculty member and longtime Church of God member, has announced a new Feast site for 2000 in Orlando, Fla.

The site is "not sponsored by any specific organization," Mr. Kaplan told The Journal.

Traditional Feast services will take place on the two high days. On the six other days, Mr. Kaplan will conduct educational seminars.

For more information, send E-mail to, or visit on the Web.

UCG's experiment a virtual success

MILFORD, Ohio--The UCG-AIA's experiment with a "virtual magazine," available through the Internet, has been a success, said Victor Kubik, elder and chairman of the media-and-communications committee of the council of elders of the United Church of God, an International Association.

In an article in the January edition of United News, a member newsletter, Mr. Kubik said 11 issues of Virtual Christian have been published on the World Wide Web at virtually no cost to the church.

See Virtual Christian at

Last service in auditorium

PASADENA, Calif.--The last regular Worldwide Church of God service in Ambassador Auditorium was Saturday, Feb. 26.

Los Angeles WCG members will meet in Los Angeles, while those in Pasadena will meet in Fellowship Hall, formerly known as the Ambassador Student Center, on the church property.

Ambassador Auditorium will still be used for combined services and other occasional events.

Legacy Partners, which is in the process of buying the property, plans to raze classrooms and other buildings, preserving only the auditorium and historic mansions while developing an "urban village" on the site.

A COG Ministry continues

CARMEL, Calif.--A Church of God Ministry, founded by the late Lon Lacey, plans to continue, according to spokesman Michael Storey.

Mr. Lacey died of heart failure Jan. 11 or 12 at his home here.

In a letter to the group's mailing list, Mr. Storey said the ministry, thanks to Mr. Lacey, gained an "immeasurable understanding of God's Scripture" and must "resolve to carry on forward, walking in the path he shed so much light on."

Write A Church of God Ministry at 100 Dolores St., Suite 1111, Carmel, Calif. 93923, U.S.A.

GTA to speak in Kentucky

FLINT, Texas--Garner Ted Armstrong, founder of the Intercontinental Church of God, based near here, plans to speak at Pentecost Weekend 2000 at Lake Barkley State Resort Park at Land Between the Lakes, Cadiz, Ky.

The event will be sponsored by Dr. James Ricks.

Events start Friday, June 9, with a reception at 7:30 p.m. Sabbath services on June 10 will begin at 11 a.m. Services on Pentecost Sunday will be at 1 p.m. For information about accommodations, call Barkley Lodge at (800) 325-1708 or the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association at (903) 561-7070.

Living publishes British-Israel booklet

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Living Church of God, based here, has published a booklet about the lost 10 tribes of Israel and prophecies concerning Britain and America.

Written by LCG elder John Ogwyn, the booklet is called What's Ahead for Britain and America.

To request it or the LCG's Tomorrow's World magazine, write P.O. Box 501304, San Diego, Calif. 92150, U.S.A.

Magazine devoted to Revelation

ALTADENA, Calif.--The January-February edition of Prophecy Flash magazine has as its theme "The Book of Revelation Decoded and Revealed!"

The main article is accompanied by several pages of Basil Wolverton artwork picturing the cataclysmic events of Revelation.

To request a free copy, or to get on the mailing list of Triumph Prophetic Ministries, write P.O. Box 292, Altadena, Calif. 91003, U.S.A.

Triumph, founded by William Dankenbring, also announces a Web site, at

Triumph "does not claim to be 'God's Only Church,' or 'only Work,' and never has," Mr. Dankenbring wrote. "It does claim, however, to be unique--one of a kind--in its approach and understanding of many biblical doctrines, Bible prophecy and current events in the light of prophecy."

New horizons

LINCOLN, England--The March-April issue of New Horizons, published by Churches of God Outreach Ministries, is available on request, announced editor James McBride.

"The articles are short, pertinent, readable and focused on readers new to the teachings in our tradition," said Mr. McBride.

Issue 20 includes "Whose Authority?," "Law and the Christian," "What Is the Church?," "Fellow Workers With God" and "Easter or 'Passover'?"

Free copies (single or in bulk) are available from CGOM, P.O. Box 54621, Tulsa, Okla. 74155, U.S.A., or Copies are also available from the Churches of God UK, P.O. Box 2525, Lincoln LN5 7PF, England, or

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