Brethren feast at Anadarko and Estes Park

Following are the final two reports Feastgoers sent to The Journal about the 1999 Feast of Tabernacles. This is the third--and probably last--installment of Feast reports for the 1999 Feast.

For many additional reports, see the October and November issues of The Journal.

Time of refreshing

ANADARKO, Okla.--Twenty-five to 30 brethren of diverse Sabbath-keeping affiliations met at the home of John and Retta Trescott for the Feast of Tabernacles Oct. 25 to Nov. 1. Some had traveled from as far as Maine while others came from Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Pennsylvania to fellowship at the Feast a month later than did brethren who follow the calculated Jewish calendar.

All attendees at Anadarko observe the first visible crescent as the beginning of each month, as did the ancient Hebrews, and begin the sacred year with the first crescent on or after the spring equinox.

A spirit of unity and service pervaded the group throughout the eight days, as well as a sense of urgency to prepare for the soon-coming trials at the end of this age.

Although three main speakers gave the majority of messages, others were invited to speak and contributed as well to bring a comprehensive series of timely and moving messages that greatly encouraged the group.

Topics included remembering our first love; removing doubt from our lives; keeping God's laws; preparing for the rough times ahead; understanding Galatians; the nature of the millennial realm; and the nature of our calling.

Monty Judah of Lion Lamb Ministries delivered an in-depth prophetic review of events to expect during the coming months. He concluded that the tribulation could begin by April 2000 on the heels of a failed Middle East peace-and-security agreement.

Evidence was given that Prince Charles of England may be the eighth head of the beast (Revelation 17:11), emphasized by the satanic symbols in the coat of arms of the House of Windsor.

"Will we, like the very religious leaders at Christ's time, fail to recognize the Messiah when He comes a second time?" Mr. Judah asked.

Music was from a wide range of styles and selections, including some Dwight Armstrong renditions, Messianic songs and Smoky Mountain hymns. Meals were usually prepared in the Trescotts' home.

Services were outside when weather permitted, as was the case during the beautifully warm first portion of the Feast.

The Feast at Anadarko will be remembered as a time of refreshing from the present evil age and a focus of encouragement for the coming months and years.

The admonishment to carefully monitor world events and prepare for the tribulation and Christ's return is applicable to all believers as we move into what promises to be a tumultuous year 2000. Paul W. Syltie, Pritchett, Texas.

Rocky Mountain paradise

ESTES PARK, Colo.--A much larger than expected crowd of Feastgoers enjoyed a foretaste of the Millennium in Estes Park, one of Colorado's best-known and most popular tourist centers, beginning the evening of Sept. 24.

A projected attendance of 831 at the United Church of God site swelled to a high attendance of 952 with the arrival of families and visitors from the Global Church of God, the Worldwide Church of God, the Church of God (Seventh Day) and smaller groups and fellowships.

With the main auditorium at the Holiday Inn packed to capacity, an overflow seating area with TV monitors was set up in an adjacent lobby throughout the Feast.

Sightseeing and other outdoor activities were popular with many Feastgoers. Visitors were treated to the sights of stunning autumn colors and the grandeur of neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Estes Park area is among the best wildlife-viewing locations in the world. Visitors were treated to the sight of bighorn sheep, deer, an occasional bear and hundreds of nearly tame majestic elk in and around town at the peak of the mating season.

Warm and sunny autumn days were sandwiched around an overnight seven-inch snowfall that transformed the area into an alpine wonderland. More than 500 Feastgoers enjoyed western entertainment and a meal at family-day activities at a nearby ranch.

Uplifting and encouraging messages covered the topics of how God is preparing us to be the bride of Jesus Christ, our journey to God's Kingdom, how we are not of this world, differences between man's government and God's government, how we can help fulfill the church's commission, what it means to properly fear God, the power of encouragement, principles of godly leadership, waiting for the wedding of Christ and His bride, laying aside every weight to focus on the Kingdom, how we must not wait for perfect conditions to move forward, cities of the world tomorrow, the meaning of the Last Great Day, and what we will be doing for all eternity in God's family.

A Friday-night Bible study and slide show covered the concept of wilderness in the Bible and how the world's wilderness areas and man's spiritual wilderness will be transformed in the Millennium. Scott Ashley, Arvada, Colo.

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