German office reports on publications

BONN, Germany--Subscribers to Gute Nachrichten magazine, the German version of The Good News, published by the United Church of God, recently received a letter with a literature offer for five booklets.

"All 1,200 subscribers have been receiving the Gute Nachrichten magazine for at least one year and had not yet ordered any literature," reported Paul Kieffer of Bonn. "The direct-mail campaign is the first step of a two-step renewal process for the GN subscription list. Those readers who do not respond to the literature offer will receive a renewal letter during the second half of 1999; those readers who do respond will be renewed for another year's subscription to the Gute Nachrichten magazine."

The booklets are What Happens After Death?, How to Understand the Bible, The Road to Eternal Life, The Gospel of the Kingdom and What is Your Destiny?

By the end of June the response to the literature offer had reached 13.6 percent, with more than 550 booklets having been ordered.

During July and August another 500 subscribers will receive their direct mail offer for UCG-Germany's literature, said Mr. Kieffer.

UCG-Germany will conduct special Bible studies in Berlin and near Zurich, Switzerland, during July, said Mr. Kieffer.

"In addition to UCG-Germany members attending, current Gute Nachrichten subscribers will be invited to attend the Bible study via a personal letter of invitation. The meeting in Berlin will be a follow-up to a meeting conducted in April."

An article in Gute Nachrichten was reprinted in a newsletter distributed in the German state of Baden-Wuerttenberg. The article, "Today's Toys: Child's Play or Something Else," by Victor Kubik, had appeared in the November-December issue of Gute Nachrichten

After the article appeared, a subscriber requested permission to reprint it in the publication of Free Religious Youth, published in Karlsruhe. UCG-Germany granted permission with the stipulation that the UCG magazine be mentioned as the source and that subscriptions are free.

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