Editorial: Satan wouldn't allow prayer in schools

The writer and his wife, the former Margie Brown, are graduates of Ambassador College, Big Sandy. He is a former pastor in the Worldwide Church of God. Mr. and Mrs. White receive E-mail at

By Dan L. White

HARTVILLE, Mo.--If Satan were to run a school, how would he run it?

First, Satan would make an absolute law that no knowledge of the true God of the Bible can be taught. Not only could God not be talked about, He couldn't be talked to either. No prayers. Any religious teaching in Satan's schools must be about other gods.

Second, in Satan's schools, the basis of all instruction would be the religious belief that there is no Creator: that all creation happened by chance, that mankind was not a special creation by God, that he is just one with the worms and monkeys. Evolution.

Following this theory, Satan would teach that mankind is subject only to the same laws as the worms and monkeys. Since we came from slime, we can act like slime. Unbridled breeding and sodomy are not sins, just different animal behaviors. In Satan's schools, Ten Commandment morality must never be imposed.

Third, Satan's schools must be chock-full of the fruits of Satan's way of life: destructive sex, vicious violence and mind-killing drugs; girls wearing skirts up to their buttocks and blouses down to their breasts; drugs more readily available in the school halls than on the city streets; and mindless massacres, where young lives are blown to bits by other kids.

Wait a minute. I have just described the American public schools. They are run just the way Satan would run a school.

Could it be that American public schools are Satan's schools?

The Old Deluder act

The American government schools weren't always Satan's schools. The first public schools were begun in Massachusetts by the Old Deluder law. Free government schools were set up to teach all children to read so they could read the Bible, the Word of God, and avoid the Old Deluder, Satan.

The motives were noble, but the concept was fatally flawed. To give a government control of the education of its youth is the dangerous road to controlling the minds of those youth.

How far we have come today. The deluder has deluded.

The people of America did not actively change their schools. The central government--always run by a core of spiritually blind lawyers--was used by Satan to change these schools. Under the guise of liberty, justice and freedom for all, a few godless libertine lawyers took control of the nation's schools and dragged us to where we are today: from avoiding the old deluder to obeying the old deluder.

Satan has executed a plan that gave local control of the schools to a big centralized government. Then these schools have taken control of the children away from the parents.

When my father was a boy, public school lasted only from the time harvest was finished in the fall until spring planting. During all the growing season, he worked side by side with his parents and siblings growing food to eat. The local school, just a walk over Conner Mountain, was run by the rule of thumb, which said that the teacher could use a switch as big around as a man's thumb. That was exactly the size the teacher cut from the woods outside the one-room schoolhouse, and all the kids watched him cut it.


In only eight half-years of education at this one-room school, my father learned to outread and outcipher most of today's high-school graduates.

In today's schools Satan purposely leaves no time for the family. Counting travel time, the kids go to school about eight hours a day, five days a week, 10 months a year. Then, after spending all that time at school, at night they have to do their homework!

When are they supposed to see Mom and Dad? When is the family to sit down together for an hour a day and study God's Word and ask for God's guidance? How many public-school families can squeeze in the time to go over the Bible verse by verse, from Genesis to Revelation, with their beloved offspring? Yet almost all Christian home-school families do this.

Mothers and fathers, Satan has deliberately taken away the time God intended for you to spend with your children. During the time you should be teaching them God's laws, the public schools are teaching them to break God's laws.

A judge recently ruled that, when a parent sends a child to a public school, that parent's authority over that child ceases for the time the child is in public school. The child is not your child; he's their child.

The public schools may instruct your children to turn you in to the school authorities if you violate school religious beliefs.

In Reeds Spring, Mo.--a small town in the Ozarks so conservative that Democrats often don't even run for elected office--a mother was about to spank her naughty young daughter.

"You can't do that!" the young child burst out. "I'll tell my teacher and they'll take me away and put me in a home that will love me!"

Just going along

Although the people of America did not personally change their schools, they went along with the alterations.

Look what they got.

In today's big government schools, not only is Yhwh, the God of the Hebrew Bible, not allowed, but belief in Him is ridiculed and flung far below the mystic Eastern religions such as Hinduism or Shintoism or the living-ancestor beliefs of the American Indians.

A government study concluded that it is easier for kids to obtain drugs in the public schools than it is out on the streets.

In one high school in the most Bible-oriented part of the country, one out of every four freshmen--14-year-olds--regularly smokes.

The language used in these halls of supposed education is the profanity that used to be sworn only in beer joints and brothels.

Sex is demanded for passage into coolness. Virginity is Victorian.

But Satan never stops pushing. Satan's latest trend in Satan's schools is for students to be homosexual or lesbian.

Homosexual, lesbian: These are not godly words. These are satanly words, based on the fiction of evolution. The godly word is sodomy, based on the expunged city of Sodom, blasted into historical oblivion by fire and brimstone because of its unabashed mooning of God's holy and righteous law.

Sodomy is the word, and Satan has pinpointed the public schools as one of two main areas of attack. Satan attacks the media with Sodomite movies and sitcoms, as if there could be anything funny about such mental misery, and Satan attacks the government schools.

A stated goal of the National Education Association is to convince children that sodomy is good, just an alternative way of living. Diversity, the NEA calls it.

President Clinton is campaigning to push "diversity education" in the public schools, to teach children to be "tolerant" of homosexuals, in addition to the "sex education" drive these demeaned Democrats are pushing.

The schools are filling up with books showing warm, wonderful sodomites raising normal children. Sex-education classes in the first few grades--for the students' own good--teach that unlawful sex is normal and sodomy is just another aspect of normalcy.

This is direct satanic encouragement to try all these "normal" things.

Amazingly, many students are discovering that they are homosexual! Even in small towns in the Bible belt, skinny teenage girls walk hand in hand as lovers, looked upon by the student body as being the coolest of the cool, the ultimate rebels.

It is said that the Trenchcoat Mafia boys of Littleton, Colo., walked around Columbine School in their black coats holding hands before they executed the ultimate cool.

Any students who believe in Bible law dare not speak up. They will be shamed into a corner by taunts and jeers and liberal laughs. They may even be prosecuted by the school authorities for speaking out for righteousness.

Academic ghettos, educational projects

The Democrats in the United States government tried to improve housing for the poor in the nation's cities.

They destroyed small ethnic communities and replaced them with high-rise, high-density, government-run housing projects. They jammed people together like rats in these huge, new, expensive building enterprises.

Surely with such fine housing these poor people would be happy and content, wouldn't they?

No. The people who were jammed together like rats acted like rats. These big government housing projects are some of the most dangerous places on the face of the earth, sometimes more violent than war zones. Everybody, even the most lunatic of Democrat liberals, knows this has been a monstrous failure.

But big government has done the same thing with the public schools. They shut down the small schools and consistently replace them with big, expensive buildings with the latest equipment and fantastic facilities, always requiring higher taxes and more government control.

Hundreds and thousands of students are jammed into these enormous educational projects, shuffling down crowded halls from one factory class to another.

Surely these shiny, liberal, big-government educational "projects" put the small schools of yesterday to pitiful shame, don't they?

Superior rodents

No. The big-government schools have turned out the same results as the big-government housing projects: crime, drugs, filth, killing. Same policy, same result.

Jam people in like rats and you don't get better people. You get better rats.

The big-government schools are the educational ghettos of the world: danger zones brimming with academic squalor.

And the centralization made it so much easier for Satan to control the education and minds of the young people in the whole country, didn't it?

Democrats and the Church of God

As the people of America accepted these changes, so, too, the people of the Churches of God accepted these wretched perversions.

Two of the most consistent supporters of Satan's sin-filled schools have been the liberal Democrats and the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God.

Who has refused to lie down with the sodomizing of America's youth? The Roman Catholics. The Seventh-day Adventists. The Protestant Evangelicals.

The Catholics have had their parochial schools for decades. They have gained widespread notice for their discipline and standards, and today many non-Catholics in the big cities are stampeding to the Catholic schools for refuge from the Democratic public schools.

The Seventh-day Adventists have always tried to educate their young. One of the first things they do in a church area is to set up a school. When they don't have enough students locally, they may enroll in an SDA home-school course, one of the oldest in the country. They even have colleges and universities spread across the nation and around the world.

The Protestant Evangelicals have made enormous strides in battling Satan's youth coup. In America almost any town of any size has a Christian academy. Some are larger; most are small. They reside in church basements or activity buildings. But they are all built on the backs of sacrificing pastors and teachers whose only reward is the one God will give them for fighting evil.

The Evangelicals have developed more home-school materials to choose from than a parent can reasonably evaluate. Because of them, home-schooling is the fastest-growing approach to education.

Repeated studies have shown that parent-tutored students are the best developed socially, the least likely to be involved in sex, drugs, violence, crime and antisocial behavior. Their academic performance soars above the menial mentality of the government welfare schools, averaging the 75th percentile on standardized tests compared with the 50th percentile set in the public schools.

Visit the halls of a public school, then visit a Christian home-school activity, and observe the difference in behavior. Or visit a Church of God youth activity, then visit a Christian home-school activity, and observe the difference.

The Catholics, Adventists and Evangelicals have done good things and are fighting a valiant battle against the destruction of America's children.

But where are the Churches of God in this educational holocaust? Hey, where is the True Church?

Why, most of their kids are sitting in Satan's schools.

They have no Church of God correspondence courses with which parents can tutor their own children, educating them with the three R's and the Ten Commandments.

There are no Church of God academies scattered across the land as havens of peace and scholastic sanity, except for one example in independent Big Sandy.

Can't afford to look weird

As far as I know, there is only one college, which is a training school for ministers, and one boarding high school, which is worse than the public schools because it takes teens away from home and parents during their most critical years.

As a group, the Churches of God have done nothing. Actually, they've done less than nothing: They have often actively, meanly opposed godly education. They and the liberal Democrats have been Satan's educational allies.

In the old Worldwide Church of God, a few members grew concerned about the obvious direction of the government schools and wanted to do something to get their kids out. Many ministers advised these diligent people against taking their kids out of Satan's schools. We must be a good example to the world and not look weird, you know.

Sometimes the ministers gave out the evil inoculation theory. If you let God's kids get in there and mix with the evil in the public schools, then they will learn how to overcomeit. It was never explained if this theory applied as well to dirty movies, casinos and brothels.

Sometimes even one of "God's true ministers" got scared by Satan's schools. It was one thing to advise someone else to sacrifice his kids to Satan, but when it was your own beloved children that was a little different. Of course, no one would ever deign to send their kids to a Baptist school down the street. Unthinkable! So a few ministers and wives quietly home-schooled. But they desperately tried to keep it secret. Heaven knows that you didn't want Pasadena to include in your job record that you were home-schooling!

We--my wife and I--have home-schooled for two decades, and always the most opposition to the idea came from Church of God people.

For materials we went to the Evangelicals. For friendly support we went to the Baptists and Catholics. For criticism and opposition we went to "God's true church."

Mandatory curriculum

The recent Satan-inspired student massacres in Colorado and Kentucky and Arkansas and Georgia absolutely prove that the American public schools are not fit places to send any kid. They show further that the Churches of God were wrong in not fighting this enormous evil--terribly, miserably, wretchedly wrong. With individual exceptions, as a group they are on Satan's side in this battle.

Everyone in the country with any inkling of moral insight knows the public schools are Satan's schools, full of Satan's teachings, rife with Satan's ways. There is no public school in the nation where children are safe. And now--as the pinnacle of perversion--some states are starting to pass laws requiring that sodomy be taught in every government school. You Church of God people will soon have your children taught--by law--the ways of Sodom by practicing homosexuals!

Sodomy five days a week, God on the Sabbath and softball on Sunday: all in "God's true church."

It has reached the point where a respectable Church of God family will have your teenage son march home from public school and announce, "Dad, I've discovered that I'm a homosexual."

Some lovely young Church of God daughter is going to say softly, "Mother, I hope you're not going to be homophobic about this, but I really, really like Jennifer."

How can anyone who claims to obey God go along with that?

The Churches of God were wrong. Dead wrong. You should have been preaching for decades to your people to get out of Satan's schools. You should have made free curriculum materials available to all who needed them so parents could tutor their children. You should have set up small schools and activity centers to assist in godly education instead of trying to subvert it.

I heard one Church of God elder state in a sermon that he definitely had not wanted to send his kids to a private school when they were young. He said that if he had small children now he might send them to a private school because these schools are now more respectable. In previous years they were not respectable.

When I think of him saying that, my blood circles my body from my bald head to my callused feet in a torrid rush. How in the world does he think those schools went from "not respectable" to "respectable"? It was on the backs of people who were a thousand times more concerned about pleasing God than he was, people who sacrificed time and money and endured opposition and apathy just to be able to teach kids right from wrong.

We worked part time in a private Christian school for 10 years. We had a drafty little building put up by volunteer labor. We played our sports in a nearby Baptist bus barn. We had a combined salary for four faculty members of only several hundred dollars. In the eyes of the aforementioned Church of God elder, we were not respectable.

But, when those who are on the side of righteousness and those on the side of Sodom's schools stand before the judgment seat of Christ, we will see what God respects.

God out, Satan in

The lawyers have put forth the argument that God should not be allowed in a government school. We must separate church and state, they say, and keep government out of religion. This sounds great to a secular mind, a high use of human reason. But wait--

When you put God out, what are you left with?

If you put God out of your family, what are you left with?

If you put God out of your church, what are you left with?

If you put God out of your child's schools, what are you left with?


There is no such thing as a spiritual vacuum. Once you put God out of anything, Satan moves right in. Satan is all that is left. The argument that God should not be in a school is straight from Satan. That's all the snake needs. Get God out and the snake sneaks in.

The snake has snuck. The American public schools are Satan's schools!

An ungodly education

Here is an amazing truth, so simple yet so stupefying to the average mind:

An education without God is a Godless education.

An education without moral teaching is not an amoral education. It is an immoral education.

In the spiritual battle of the universe, there is no Switzerland. You're either with God or you're not. If you're not with God, you are with Satan.

If a child is not taught the moral teaching of the Bible, the handbook of Yhwh, the Creator of every child who has ever lived, that child is being taught to be immoral.

If someone proposed that every school in the country be put under the control of the Catholic Church, there would be such an outcry. The pope is pushing his religion! The United States would turn into Northern Ireland!

If someone dared suggest that Baptists should run all the schools in the United States, Jerry Falwell would be run out of Lynchburg and into the Atlantic Ocean to float belly up.

Yet the public schools operate every day under the religious beliefs of the licentious lewd lunacy of the left-wing liberals of the land.

Everybody accepts this as normal. These liberals don't believe the Bible; they don't believe in the God of the Bible; they don't believe the moral teachings of the Bible.

These disbeliefs of the liberals are their religious beliefs. It is their religious beliefs that are taught in every class in every government public school every day.

Father Bill and St. Hillary wave their crucifixes of corruption before your child's eyes day after day, and each public-school student bows in homage to this religious system. Satan smiles gleefully as they recite in unison, "Hallelusatan! Hallelusatan!"

Get your kids out of Satan's schools. You can do no worse. Educationally, socially, morally: You can do no worse than the United States public schools.

The spirit of the Fifth Commandment works both ways. Not only should children honor the parents, but the parents have the God-given obligation to take care of the children. Taking care of their minds is no less important than taking care of their bodies. None among you feeds your children rotting, smelly garbage out of neighborhood Dumpsters. Yet how many of you allow your children's minds to be crammed with moral sewage, anti-God garbage, fetid Sodomite filth from the public schools?

You would never send your children to a Baptist church on Sundays because, along with a lot of good teaching, it teaches the breaking of the Fourth Commandment. But you freely send your kids to Satan's schools, where they are taught to break all 10 of the Commandments.

And now every parent who sends his child to the government school has to ask himself: "Will my child be shot today?"

UCG elder Bob Dick, in a presentation before a United Church of God group, quoted from Hillary Clinton's book It Takes A Village. Hey, Bob, did you read about the school in Colorado where these boys in black coats walked the halls every day holding hands with each other? That is Hillary's village!

Should God's people send their children to Satan's schools?

No. Absolutely not. A thousand times no.

We're not talking preference. We're talking the sin of Sodom.

The Clintonites own the public schools. Their government program Goals 2000 is one more step in the government taking over the raising of all the children in America.

However, there is a widespread movement to flee America's public schools: Exodus 2000, a march out of Egypt's education system.

Church of God parents, be bold. This is not a time to be comfortable. This is a time for courage.

Whatever your reason for keeping your kids in Satan's schools, it's wrong. Home school or Christian school--anything but Satan's schools!

Get out! Wake up and obey the God who created you and gave you your most precious physical blessing, your flesh-and-blood progeny. Take care of them, nurture them, protect them. Get them out of Satan's schools!

Forward, march!

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