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Feast of Trumpets

BLOW an authentic SHOFAR on the Feast of Trumpets. Call 972 931 5596. Http://

Feast of Tabernacles

Lake Texoma, OK. Seminars, Sabbath classes, daily evening prayer, activities for all. For Feast brochure, contact Steve Kieler, 2193 Sheker Dr., Fort Dodge, IA 50501-8707; (515-576-5743);

Bozeman, MT-an open invitation for anyone wanting to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. This will be an independent, inter-active Festival site, with particular focus on fellowship, study of the Bible, and praise of our Great Creator. We are in the planning stages and need your input. By the nature of this site, all participation is encouraged. This includes subjects of discussion, message moderators, hymns, special music, intercessory prayer, children's classes, activities and other ideas you might have. Let us know if you desire to attend. We will then send you a packet of information with hotel/camping options, what is available in the area, and other information as it becomes available. Please contact: Dan Vander Poel at 11613 208th Ave. Ct. E., Sumner, WA 98390; Tel/fax #: 253-826-0953; e-mail:

Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) 1999 "The Season of Our Joy". For more info call Mitchell Smith-903-882-7446.

Fort Walton Beach, FL. Family oriented feast site sponsored by Church of God Outreach Ministries (CGOM). For more info call: James Ussery-501-565-7283, e-mail:; or Ian Hufton at 903-769-2314, e-mail:

Still undecided about the Feast? The Bible Study Resources web site lists FOT sites around the world, with sponsor contact information and links to assist you in your planning. Visit us at

"And you shall take for yourselves on the first day (of Tabernacles) the fruit of goodly trees, branches of date palms, twigs of a plaited tree, & brook willows" (Lev 23:40). Decorate your Feast site or home with your own "goodly tree" and "take" your own Four Species. Call 972-931-5596. Http://


Sabbath Singles Connection (SSC) 3229 Larkin Rd, Biggs, CA 95917. E-mail:

Sermon tapes from the past. Will trade for yours. Any Seventh-Day group. Pam Minden, PO Box 1, Docene, AL 35060.

Free information

Free report! Teach your children positive work ethics and the principles of employment success. Write: The Roadmap, PO Box 4154, Kansas City, KS 66104.

For free newsletter write: Northeastern Churches of God Newsletter, PO Box 674, Middletown, CT 06457-0674. E-mail:

What truth could unite us? For free articles write: Patriots of the Kingdom, PO Box 72119 Pine Valley Postal Outlet, Woodbridge, Ont. L4L8N8.

'Satan Dies'-For a free copy of this booklet write: Ministry Publications, PO Box 715, Cottonwood, AZ 86326.


The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found-$19.95. To order, contact: Steve M. Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD USA 57109-1005.

The Esrog (Fruit of the Goodly Tree-Lev 23:40). Send $17.50 inc s&h (TX add $1.24 tax) to: Zaide Reuven's Esrog Farm, PMB 238, 6757 Arapaho, #711, Dallas, TX 75248.

Pen pals

Teen looking for pen pals. Write: Matt Ellison, PO Box 366, Big Sandy, TX 75755.


Lost friends. Dear Nella Brown, please call Robert J. Schtos: 416-714-0021. Love, Rob!


Help needed with investigation: An investigation is being conducted by some former members of the Worldwide Church of God concerning possible crimes committed by Mr. Phillip Shields when he was in the ministry of that church. Allegations against Mr. Shields include numerous instances of sexual assault against married women and teenage girls and molestation of girls as young as nine years old. To date twenty-four probable victims have been identified. Six of them have furnished written statements for the preliminary report, which also includes statements by five other former ministers of the WCG concerning Mr. Shields' alleged predatory activities. The report has been furnished to church and legal authorities where appropriate. Mr. Shields currently lives in Vancouver, WA, where he is the host for the Church of the Great God, which meets in Portland, OR. Between 1977 and 1994 he was assigned to churches in Edmonton; Cornwall, NY; Plattsburgh, NY; New Brunswick, Canada; and Nashville, TN. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone who has information that would be helpful in this matter can contact us at PS Investigation, PO Box 3334, Grapevine, TX 76099.

Attention all Insurance Agents! Now you can tap the 45,000,000 people with no coverage, and the 75,000,000 who are under insured by adding the Win Benefits System to your individual and business portfolios. Package has great Fund Raising potential for small and large groups or organizations. Call Gail: 888-522-4310.

Prayer requests

Lancaster, Dorothy, has had a reoccurrence of cancer is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She requests your prayers on her behalf.

Mitchell, John, Mobile, AL, and his family request your prayers concerning his stress-filled job as a law enforcement officer.

Reagan, Ray, 80, father of Shelby Faith of St. Louis, has diabetes, is blind, and almost deaf, and has just suffered a second stroke. Please pray for God's mercy, and that God will strenghten him physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Rice, Helen, RR 3 Box 219, Wagoner, OK 74467, is requesting prayers for both herself and her son, Troy, who is wheelchair bound and has been experiencing unexplained swelling and discomfort in one of his feet. Please pray for their physical healing as well as for their comfort and support.

Zachary, 4, is in advanced stages of cancer, has enlarged lymph glands, and possible lukemia. Bloodwork pending. Prayers are much appreciated.

Allen, Myrtle, 312A Blake Dr., Longview, TX 75605, amputation still pending.

Andraczyk, Brenda Lee, Toledo, OH, daughter of Bill Evans, Palm Harbor, FL, possible breast cancer.

Anderson, Michael, infant son of Brian and Jeanna of Casa, AR 72025, RH factor blood problems.

Bingham, Sandra, c/o Marvelle Maynard, (her mother), RR1 Box 304, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, severe pain, Dermamyocitis.

Bruns, Caroline, 90, Hawkins, TX, failing health.

Cross, Vivian, Plumerville, AR, hysterectomy for cancer.

Evans, Israel, son of Bill Evans, debilitating gout in leg.

Fair, Cubia, leukemia.

Goff, Roberta, Boonville, AR, both kidneys removed, on dialysis machine awaiting transplant.

Gotman, Sabrina, Toronto, ONT, transplanted lung rejection.

Hill, Amber Dawn, 9, high fever and sore throat and mouth.

Hutchinson, Mike, currently a missionary in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, accused of murder, possibility of hanging.

Kidd, Margaret, Springfield, MO, hypoglycemia.

McCulley, Carmon, 8448 Thurman St., Wichita, KS 67212, pancreaitis and gall bladder operation recovery.

McNatt, Hugh, wrist surgery.

Mowles, Fran, PO Box 4031, Springfield, MO 65804, lung cancer.

Palmer, Bill, 552 Clearwater-Largo Rd., Largo, FL 33770, Parkinson's, heart problems, plus other health matters.

Phillips, Amanda, 7, 917 Laurel St., Bedford, VA 24523, needs a heart transplant.

Piazza, Jennifer, Oakdale, NY, cancer, stroke.

Poirer, Katie, kidnapped.

Remlinger, Judy, cancer surgery and complications.

Robins, Ramona, Springfield, MO, cancer.

Rogers, Nora, 2121 Beau Terra Dr. W., Mobile, AL 36618, four years bedridden with arthritis, now severe bedsores.

Stevens, Gabe, 17, Yuma, AZ, bone tumors worsening.

V.H., Indiana, eyesight problems.

Watson, Patricia, 3310 N. Farm Rd. 2331, Strafford, MO 65757, blood pressure problems.

Weiss, Ken, Tarpon Springs, FL, prostate cancer.

Young, Kenneth, 49, PO Box 985, Groesbeck, TX 76642, blood clot in brain, almost paralyzed.

Costelloe, Kevin, two degenerating discs in his lower back. Please pray for his healing and for encouragement.

Ellison, Cleo, 1990 CR 4825, Athens, TX 75751, respiratory problems, is now at home and wants to thank everyone for all the prayers, cards, and words of encouragement she has received. She is still undergoing treatment.

Howes, Sarah, 7, cancer, chemo, and immune problems, is recovering well. Her appetite is good and the doctors are pleased with her progress. A three-month checkup is due next month, please continue prayers.

White, Danny, Rt. 1 Box 3, Elkland, MO 65644, discovered his stomach problems were caused by an infected wisdom tooth. He is feeling fine now, and wants to thank everyone for their prayer, cards, and letters.


Bell, Cameron, 24, whose tonsils ruptured sending poisons throughout his body, died during another emergency surgery June 20, 1999. Thanks to all who prayed for God's intervention. Please continue prayers for his family who are devastated by the loss.

Rice, Jimmy, 1341 SW 61st Terr, Oklahoma City, OK 73159, an elder and member of the Fellowship Church of God in OKC passed away at his home on June 18, 1999. Cards and letters of support may be sent to his wife, Ellen, at the above address.

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