Mrs. David Hulme dies

MONROVIA, Calif.--Robin Hulme, wife of David Hulme, founder and president of the Church of God, an International Community, died of cancer here Jan. 15.

Mrs. Hulme, the former Robin Sutcliffe, is survived by three children, Mark, Kirsten and Scott; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Colin Sutcliffe of Australia, and a sister and brother-in-law, Brian and Gillian Orchard of Arcadia, Calif.

Mrs. Hulme's burial was Jan. 20 in Pasadena.

The Hulme family receives mail at P.O Box 150, Monrovia, Calif. 91017, U.S.A., and has set up the Robin L. Hulme Memorial Fund to assist young people in the Church of God with their educational activities.

Donations may be made to the fund at the same address.

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