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CALGARY, Alta., Canada--Fifteen-year-old Jesse Hofer has taken time out from his schoolwork and playing hockey and football to set up a Web site for Church of God youths.

"I have made a Web site for all of the teens in the Churches of God," Jesse told The Journal. "I had looked for other Web sites, but almost all of them were for a certain church group. So I decided to create my own Web site.

"I am a teenager myself, and so I built this page so that I could contact other people my age who believe in the same things that I do and so that other people like me can meet others."

Jesse's place on the Web has a chat room, message board and list of potential pen pals.

"I believe that God's people are scattered all over the world in the many different organizations," Jesse said. "So I built this page so that all of the youth out there, in any of the COGs--UCG, GCG, LCG, PCG, etc.--can meet each other without the political boundaries that have become very common. Besides, we all share the same beliefs, with a few minor differences."

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