Church member featured in Louisville newspaper

By Bill Stough

LONEDELL, Mo.--On page 1 of the Sunday, Jan. 3, edition of The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., appeared a picture of Church of God member Debbie Witt. It refers readers to the front page of the "Kentucky" section (section B), where a feature article about Miss Witt appears.

This publicity came about because Danny Ford, a state representative who has known Miss Witt for years, was conversing with reporter Byron Crawford of The Courier-Journal.

He related the amazing story of Debbie Witt to Mr. Crawford, who went to see her to check it out.

Miss Witt is paralyzed in body but not in mind or personality.

She radiates joy and life even though she battles infections that cause her much pain.

She was baptized July 5, 1983. Her brother and father helped carry her into a swimming pool and handed her to the elder who immersed her into the water. The cold water made her legs convulse, which caused the minister to think that she had been healed. But that was not to be.

With the help of her parents, Miss Witt does manage to do many things in spite of her body's limitations.

A publication of the Worldwide Church of God, The Worldwide News, Dec. 15, 1992, carried an article about her. In The Journal, Dec. 18, 1997, Miss Witt related what it is like to attend the Feast of Tabernacles as a quadriplegic in a wheelchair.

Miss Witt is a member of the United Church of God but can rarely attend church.

Her mailing address is Greenhill Auto Parts, Rt. 3, Box 71, Mount Vernon, Ky. 40456, U.S.A.

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