Bible Sabbath Association says few have applied for funds

GILLETTE, Wyo.--Richard Nickels of the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA) is disappointed that few Church of God youths have applied for the college scholarships he recently announced (see The Journal, Nov. 30, 1998, page 24).

"Are we in the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God dead or not?" he asks. "The Bible Sabbath Association has received very few applications for its scholarship program. Will these scholarships for $750 and $250 be unclaimed?"

It's easy to apply, he says. The application is $10, unless you subscribe to the BSA's Sabbath Sentinel magazine, which is free.

The deadline for applications was Feb. 15, but the deadline has been extended to March 1.

"While the average age of the ministry is in the AARP range," said Mr. Nickels, "the church as a whole is becoming more and more geriatric. With some exceptions, its appeal to youth is half-hearted and pathetic. Unless this attitude is reversed, we are headed to the graveyard of history.

"I have E-mailed and written many, many Sabbath-keeping organizations with information about the scholarship program. Either the church leadership does not care for our youth or they are too old-minded to recognize the needs of our youth today for help with college expenses. I know of one Sabbath-keeper, named Herbert Armstrong, who remained young until he died in his 90s. How about the rest of us?"

Sabbath-keeping students 25 years of age or younger as of April 1 who are planning to pursue post-secondary education at a college, university or trade school anywhere in the world are eligible for the scholarships. Mr. Nickels encourages international students to apply.

You may download a scholarship application from or write the BSA at 3316 Alberta Dr., Gillette, Wyo. 82718, U.S.A. Phone (307) 686-5191. Or send E-mail to

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