'Scam of century' promotes its antimorality agenda

By Brian Knowles

ARCADIA, Calif.-Sex, Politics and the End of Morality, by J. Gordon Muir, is published by Pentland Press, 5122 Bur Oak Cir., Raleigh, N.C. 27612; $17.95, paper.

In 1990 Gordon Muir produced a shocking book titled Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. In it he exposed how Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues set forth the false premises upon which the later sexual revolution was founded.

Out of Kinsey's deleterious offering was also spawned modern sex education.

In his new book, Sex, Politics and the End of Morality, Dr. Muir brings us up to date, even to the point of unzipping Zippergate.

Dr. Muir describes the vaunted Kinsey Report as the "science scam of the century."

More important, he explains in detail why it was a scam. Here is a sampling:

"Kinsey and team . . . stacked a male survey sample with prisoners, sex offenders, persons from homosexual groups and male prostitutes and gave the world a contrived picture . . . of male sexual behavior in the United States. A pathological model of human sexuality was passed off as normal."

More alarming is how Kinsey and company garnered their information; for example, experimenting with the orgasmic capacities of infants and children.

10 percent fallacy

Writes Dr. Muir: "There is in place an educational and cultural effort that aims to completely reshape society and end morality as we know it. It effectively began in the '60s when politics and sexuality became intertwined."

Dr. Muir reexposes the "10 percent fallacy": the myth that 10 percent of the population is homosexual. The proportion turns out to be far less.

He reveals the sinister agenda behind the kind of sex education our children receive in schools-with documentation to back it up. This is the kind of information that can arm parents in their battle to end the progressive sexual subversion of a generation of American children.

Dr. Muir addresses homosexuals' agenda and the continuing assault against the traditional family. He exposes the weaknesses in the theory that homosexuality is genetic and not a matter of choice.

Many of us have recognized the angering leftist tilt of the nation's press and mainstream media. Anyone with half a brain knows we are being daily propagandized with liberal perspectives on everything, at the expense of conservative viewpoints.

But what about the sins of omission committed by the fourth estate? Why, for instance, haven't we heard more about the Kinsey fraud? After all, we've known about it for nearly a decade. It should have been a major story.

Yet, with a few notable exceptions, the Western press and other media have been strangely silent about it. Says Dr. Muir: "The national media-with the exception of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, and two TV network shows (Larry King Live and Donahue)-have studiously avoided the issue of Kinsey's science fraud and its impact on society."

Immoral agenda

Isn't it old news? Not at all. Explains Dr. Muir: ". . . It has been shown very clearly that much of the 'science' and philosophy of modern sex education derive from research that was fraudulent in that it was designed to get the necessary results to support an ideology and an agenda."

Precisely what is that agenda is revealed throughout the book. Those who would tear down the pillars of traditional morality and replace them with a rationalized hedonism have gained an enormous amount of ground since Kinsey did his nasty thing back in the '40s and '50s. The denigration of morality will continue apace unless an unsettled public strikes back.

Dr. Muir's book provides ammunition for the battle.

In our time we have been treated to the spectacle of myriad sordid details in the life of a philandering president. Yet, with each exposure, his popularity with the public is reconfirmed.

In an earlier time this would have been unthinkable.

But, as a friend told me recently, it's the American public and Congress that are on trial here.

If we as a people have lost the capacity for righteous indignation, then we have lost our morality altogether. If the Gang of 535 thinks politically instead of constitutionally about this matter, the Constitution will be seen to have lost its force.

If the American people remain passive or supportive in the face of what they know about the president, then perhaps history will record that circumstance as a major symptom of the breakdown of sexual morality in our times.

Toward the end of his book Dr. Muir asserts:

"The double tragedy is that a corrupt executive branch negates the chance of effective moral leadership just as the point of no return is reached for drastic countermeasures against deepening social and spiritual pathologies. Who now will stop the long, slow slide to societal chaos?"

Dr. Muir writes with the indignation of a prophet. In our time of moral decay, nothing could be more appropriate than that. We need more of it, not less. If you are a parent or a minister, you need this book.

Incidentally, Dr. Muir is a former member of the Worldwide Church of God. His book can be ordered through Bookmasters (send E-mail to and include full address, phone number, credit-card type, card number and expiration date) or through

Or call the publisher directly at (919) 782-0281.

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