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ISSUE NO. 1, Feb. 26, 1997

  • Outlook on calendar postponements affects festival observances
  • WCG sues Philadelphia to stop Mystery of the Ages
  • What would the Churches of God have been like with 25 years of freedom of the press? (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • Raymond McNair defines, defends postponements
  • Wade Cox says heavenly signs show months
  • Norman Edwards presents course on calendar basics
  • James Russell warns: Postponing breaks annual Sabbaths
  • Easter as a meaningful holiday lays a colored egg (essay by Barbara Fenney)

ISSUE NO. 2, March 26, 1997

  • UCG elders vote to move to Cincinnati
  • Are postponements in the Bible?
  • Mob kills Sabbatarian couple
  • L.A. transcript shows why WCG moved Mystery of the Ages suit to Oklahoma
  • Dumbing down of U.S. not a sign of progress (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • Member wants to rekindle interest in table of nations of Genesis 10
  • Who bears the responsibility to see that the gospel is preached? (by Guy Swenson)
  • God's people should not let calendars divide them (by Gary Fakhoury)
  • Why we take the bread and wine early on the 14th (by Vance Stinson)
  • Did Jesus and the disciples keep Passover early? (by Vance Stinson)

ISSUE NO. 3, April 30, 1997

  • WCG leaders speak on heaven and hell, other doctrines on Bible Answer Man radio program
  • Congregation in Ohio, votes to leave WCG
  • Where is the Church of God? (column by Dave Havir)
  • Can feast observance by proven from New Testament? (first of two parts by Gary Fakhoury)
  • WCG pastor general leads Easter sunrise service in Gladewater
  • SDA researcher says St. Patrick was a Sabbatarian
  • We need to learn the lessons from our church history (by Lee Lisman)
  • Gerald Waterhouse ailing, asks prayers
  • Writer says churches are blase about teen pregnancies
  • Sabbatarians from all over get together down under
  • Writer urges consideration of Ezekiel message
  • Here's what to do about feelings of spiritual superiority (by Dale Jacobs)

ISSUE NO. 4, May 30, 1997

  • Family, friends, alumni meet in Texas for the last graduation of Ambassador
  • Molly Hammer Antion remembers Ambassador
  • Don Ward looks back at Ambassador
  • WCG joins evangelicals
  • Church groups confuse government with doctrine (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • Associated Press plans June write-up about WCG and its spin-offs
  • Melbourne West splits; half the members form a new congregation
  • Observances in the New Covenant: a biblical review (the conclusion of a two-part series by Gary Fakhoury)
  • East Texan John Warren injured in freak accident with tree
  • Toledo congregation leaves United; Detroit affected
  • Dr. Ward leaves IBLC
  • The Journal interviews John Ritenbaugh, founder of Church of the Great God
  • Here is what some scholars have said about the Sabbath
  • United council meets in Arcadia to plan for gospel
  • Exodus of Sabbatarians from Tajikistan is underway
  • Researcher says red heifer is a red herring

ISSUE NO. 5, June 27, 1997

  • Global membership up 7 percent; coworkers up 317 percent
  • Representatives tell requirements for congregational membership in Churches of God Outreach Ministries
  • Giving & Sharing director Richard Nickels reviews Dr. Bacchiocchi's books on the festivals
  • CGI elder argues that central authority has Bible basis
  • Churches of God Outreach Ministries lists congregations to visit
  • CGOM statement of beliefs aims for trunk of tree
  • CGOM discussion of sacred names heats up
  • Elder Tom Justus makes point about CGOM open meetings
  • UCG Minneapolitans say farewell, organizing again
  • When it comes to religion, find the balance (by Brian Knowles)
  • Problems surface with United television-pilot program
  • Recognize churches by their fruits (by Scarlett Stough)
  • Is anything wrong with a Christian being assertive? (by David Antion)
  • Could the Church of God be materialistic; can there ever be too much Ambassador quality? (by Dan White)
  • Is observance of the Sabbath required for salvation? (by Roy A. Marrs of the CG7)
  • Is this what eternity is going to be like? (by James McBride)
  • For sale: one used university
  • Les McCullough to join UCG council of elders
  • IBLC relocating

ISSUE NO. 6, July 31, 1997

  • Church of God (Seventh Day) 'lets the world know' (a report on the CG7's biennial general conference)
  • Waco United congregation asks pastor to stay on for free; HQ says no thanks
  • Mr. Hulme attends Globe Theatre opening in London
  • Letter writers widely diverge on whether Easter is okay
  • Dallas pastor comments on Lee Lisman's April article
  • Pastor's wife wants Waco congregation to stay together: an in-depth interview with Jill Gully
  • Don Ward reveals details of plans for his new Center for Bible Education
  • Why I write for Ken Westby's Association for Christian Development (essay by Brian Knowles)
  • Imperial School kids get together 30 years later
  • 'How did you come into the church?' question seems passe (by Bernie Monsalvo)
  • At Pinecrest, campers learn all about zone defense (by Jamie Cartwright)
  • Who developed the Trinity doctrine? (by Gary Fakhoury)
  • Elder invites visitors to new group in South Florida
  • 'I will always be in debt to these 11 mentors' (a tribute by Brian Knowles)
  • Cornerstone publisher Jim Rector undergoes surgery

ISSUE NO. 7, Aug. 29, 1997

  • Seventh Day Baptists 'triumphant' in Kansas
  • Waco congregation trying for peaceful separation, wants to avoid messy split
  • Two Waco leaders tell what happened
  • Why can't homosexuals be Christians? (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • 'Mister' is not a good idea (by Lee Lisman)
  • Leo DuBry takes Feast pictures; here are some gems from 1956
  • Here's a camper's-eye view of the camp of champions (by Jamie Cartwright)
  • On communication: Are the brethren friends or servants? (by Scott Ashley)
  • Has the centralized church organization had its day? (challenge to Ron Dart by Ian Boyne)
  • You've got a problem? Drop this lady a prayer line
  • Lessons from 1926: The smallest group is one on one
  • Getting the gospel out is more than just a local job (by Robert Thiel)
  • David Albert's Difficult Scriptures flawed (book review by Ralph Levy)
  • Is church structure the same as church government? (by Scarlett Stough)
  • It is not wrong to use 'God' for Creator (by Wade Cox)
  • Canadian member disputes article quotes
  • Church brethren conduct prison ministry
  • Tom Whitson writes booklet that upholds validity of New Testament

ISSUE NO. 8, Sept. 25, 1997

  • Minneapolis brethren ask tough--and we mean tough--questions of visiting elder Aaron Dean regarding the WCG and the personal history of Mr. Armstrong
  • CGI elders meet and discuss window of opportunity; qualifications of elders, deacons; evangelism (includes photo layout)
  • Longtime elder Ben Chapman to kick off new Feast site in Australia
  • Panel talk includes Sabbatarians of several stripes
  • Publisher tells purpose, state of The Journal
  • The brethren still need to count the cost (by Ron Dart)
  • Board members blame Kansas City split on governance issues
  • Internet church survey locates boards
  • Attorney gives opinion on boards' legitimacy
  • True Jesus Church has a million Chinese members
  • Writer describes Samhain and origins of Halloween (essay by Barbara Fenney)
  • How popular holidays affect Feast- and Sabbath-keepers (by Jamie Cartwright)
  • Report from Belgrade by Sasha Veljic tells of new Sabbath service there
  • A house divided: outsider's view of the Churches of God (by David V. Barrett, a writer of books on religions, in which he says what he thinks about the Churches of God)
  • Has the centralized church organization had its day? (a reply by Ron Dart to Ian Boyne's earlier challenge)
  • Churches of God Outreach Ministries sends letter about elder and sacred names
  • Frank Nelte gives sermon on coming to grips with fear, says he's happy to discuss, even disagree
  • New Orleans CGI congregation grows from 12 to 80; here's how
  • Writer offers seven proofs of end-time Elijah's identity (by Geoff Neilson)
  • The Journal presents quiz, reprints constitution and bylaws of United Church of God
  • Writer (Bruce Lyon) writes critical review of The Incredible Human Potential
  • Another writer (Ellis Stewart) reviews The Incredible Human Potential
  • Former Plain Truth managing editor remembers Mr. Armstrong (by Brian Knowles)
  • Is proclaiming the gospel on Sunday all right too? (by Robert Thiel)
  • The CGI stays out of the suit brought against church founder Garner Ted Armstrong

ISSUE NO. 9, Oct. 31, 1997

  • Indian Sabbatarians prompt United visit
  • Giving & Sharing founder calls for Church of God conference
  • Jesus said that 'it shall not be so among you' (column by Dave Havir)
  • Grace, law and the covenants: a biblical review (first of two parts by Gary Fakhoury)
  • Herbert W. Armstrong's letter on grace reprinted
  • What Paul was really fighting: salvation by law-keeping (sidebar to Mr. Fakhoury's article)
  • The Journal features pics from Feast sites in Colorado
  • Roderick Meredith remembers longtime elder Sidney Hegvold
  • South Texas Church of God seeks to share with brethren
  • G&S founder says Sabbath schools are not Protestant
  • Teen Jamie Cartwright says Feast of Tabernacles 'smoothest in centuries'
  • Surgery incapacitates author of The Lost Ten Tribes
  • UCM publishes its mission statement
  • Diedrich Zernichow dies

ISSUE NO. 10, Nov. 21, 1997

  • More Feast-keepers send reports, photos
  • Council hears regional pastors on ways to avoid United fracture
  • Hartford, Conn., United congregation splits over governance, personal responsibility
  • Widely circulated memo advocating UCG split draws fire
  • Can revenge work? Is there a time to use it? (column by Dave Havir)
  • When will we grow up? or When is a Philadelphian not a Philadelphian? (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • Wife writes open letter to churches (column by Diane Rhodes)
  • Grace, law and the covenants: a biblical review (conclusion by Gary Fakhoury)
  • Is obedience a condition for salvation (by Jack J. Blanco)
  • Friends get back together at reunion in East Texas (photos of get-together of Imperial and Ambassador former students and COG members and former members in Tyler)
  • Christmas teaches born again and again and again (by Barbara Fenney)
  • Transformed by Truth throws out baby, bathwater (review of Joseph Tkach Jr.'s book by Jerry McClenagan)
  • The Ezekiel warning is an issue that won't go away (by Craig White)
  • Open letter to Joe Jr.: Do the right thing, Mr. Tkach (by Dan White)
  • Longtime elder Robert C. Smith dies
  • The World Ahead, Global's telecast, adds presenter
  • Church of God in Truth announces area representatives

ISSUE NO. 11, Dec. 18, 1997

  • Joseph Tkach Jr. gives views on heaven, hell, soul (interview of Mr. Tkach by Journal writer Bill Stough)
  • Historian tells facts about Thanksgiving vs. Christmas (by Melissa Weinbrenner)
  • UCG elders sign call-to-action statement
  • CGI ministers' council votes to remove church founder Garner Ted Armstrong
  • CGI elder remembers GTA
  • When it's all over, did you make a difference? (column by Dave Havir)
  • What part should prophecy play in the Churches of God? (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • New Beginnings article misses the mark (controversial editorial by Ellis Stewart)
  • Herbert W. Armstrong was not the end-time Elijah (by Wade Cox)
  • But who is or was the prophesied end-time Elijah? (by Steven V. Thomas)
  • Couple relates story of grieving for fellowship lost
  • Scripture gives the ultimate challenge: Be perfect (by James McBride)
  • Wheelchair-bound member lets readers know what it's like
  • Correspondent reports on persecuted Sabbatarians (by Sasha Veljic, Belgrade Yugoslavia)
  • Disagree, but don't drop your brother down a well (by John Havir)
  • Doesn't everybody have something to be thankful for? (by Jamie Cartwright)
  • Pastor Ron Weinland warns of the 'spirit of idolatry' in the churches, reports on Toledo congregation
  • Misconceptions, misstatements still separate the brethren (by Rick Beltz)
  • Longtime elder Bill Bodine dies
  • CEM tape addresses validity of New Testament

ISSUE NO. 12, Jan. 30, 1998

  • Garner Ted Armstrong and Church of God International parting, regrouping
  • 275 meets for 'Footsteps of the Messiah' seminar in Oklahoma
  • Sabbath-keepers' user's-group meeting set for Colorado in March
  • Why would the council of elders of the United Church of God remove David Hulme from the presidency?
  • Two council members report on Arcadia meetings and firing
  • Brethren must always be looking to God's apostle (column by Dave Havir)
  • Is The Journal a spiritual tabloid? (column by Melvin Rhodes)
  • Are the churches paralyzed by fear? (editorial by Bill Stough)
  • Fear can be a four-letter word (editorial by Scarlett Stough)
  • Shouldn't the Church of God have ordained leaders? (by Douglas S. Winnail)
  • The soul debate: Is there conscious existence after death? (by Samuele Bacchiocchi)
  • Global and United churches meet together in Germany
  • CGI wants visibility and contact with other COG groups
  • Garner Ted Armstrong says it is 'necessary' to begin again
  • Ken Westby talks about the 'East Coast Rebellion' of 1974
  • They say the best Friend is always a great listener (by Jamie Cartwright)
  • Waco groups divide assets
  • Better get ready for the bytes of the millennial bug (by Drury Marc Sylvester)
  • IBLC names new officers, renews service emphasis
  • Open letter gives chronology of events that led to Dutch employee's firing
  • In their words: How are United and Global different? (by Robert Thiel)
  • Friend of Basil Wolverton remembers encounters with the toon man (an affectionate tribute, with photos and Mr. Wolverton's artwork, by Brian Knowles)
  • CGI launches Armor of God on television

ISSUE NO. 13, Feb. 26, 1998

  • United treasurer declines to apologize and retract after council reprimands him
  • The UCG announces 16 finalists in the election process to choose members of its council of elders
  • David Antion, after reading Ken Westby's reminisces about the blowup of 1974 in the Jan. 30, 1998, issue, gives his perspective on the "East Coast Rebellion of 1974"
  • Ian Boyne, a CGI pastor in Jamaica, begins a discussion on governance in which he challenges CEM founder Ron Dart and Servants' News publisher Norm Edwards
  • The Journal interviews brethren on both sides of the CGI­Garner Ted Armstrong split, including an interview with Mr. Armstrong
  • HWA aide Aaron Dean revisits Thailand and its queen after many years
  • In an interview with The Journal, the president of the Church of God (Seventh Day), Whaid Rose, talks about the Sabbath, the feast days, the Sardis era and Joseph Tkach Jr.

ISSUE NO. 14, March 30, 1998

  • A "user's group" of Sabbatarian fellowships meets in Denver for the first time
  • The Churches of God Outreach Ministries confers in Oklahoma
  • The UCG-AIA meets as a general conference for the fourth time, in Louisville; The Journal publishes a play-by-play account
  • The general conference of the UCG-AIA ejects two reports from The Journal
  • An associate editor of Servants' News, Jon D. Pike, answers Ian Boyne's criticisms that appeared in the Feb. 26 issue
  • The late Charles V. Dorothy writes on the "focus and meaning of Passover"
  • Journal staffer Trey Cartwright becomes an eagle scout

ISSUE NO. 15, April 30, 1998

  • Lon Lacey's New Mexico Region Church of God and the related A Church of God Ministry reaches New Mexico and beyond
  • The new Church of God (Monrovia, Calif.) forms principally from former United members; The Journal publishes reactions from both sides of the split
  • In an exclusive interview with The Journal, Pastor General Joseph Tkach Jr. of the WCG proposes term limits for the pastor general and answers questions about who owns the WCG; the "Philadelphia core"; church-governance ideology; and more
  • A member of an independent church in Missouri tells how to sign up radio stations for locally sponsored broadcasts
  • A self-professed "antiorganization man" changes his mind--sort of

ISSUE NO. 16, May 31, 1998

  • The largest congregation affiliated with the UCG-AIA--Big Sandy, Texas--splits; brethren around the world follow the Big Sandy crisis on the Internet
  • The UCG-AIA heads for split in the United Kingdom
  • Servants' News publisher Norm Edwards begins a magazine to target non-COG members
  • The Journal reprints benchmark letters from the UCG-AIA and from UCG Big Sandy pastor Dave Havir
  • The Journal prints most of the transcript of a May 9 Q&A session in Big Sandy and tells how to receive a copy of the entire transcript

ISSUE NO. 17, June 30, 1998

  • The UCG Big Sandy is changing its bylaws and adopting a congregationalist form of government
  • Garner Ted Armstrong travels to Michigan to meet with the Church of God South Michigan for Pentecost
  • In an interview with Journal writer Bill Stough, former members of the Philadelphia Church of God say the PCG is in a crisis and moving away from its founding principles
  • In another interview with the Journal writer, a PCG spokesman responds to the PCG former members' allegations
  • Roderick Meredith, presiding evangelist of the Global Church of God, editorializes on Global's quest for biblical church government
  • Brian Knowles editorializes on what he would do differently if he could start over
  • Tim McCaulley tells how to decipher the doublespeak of corporate church politics
  • Bill and Sally Rollins tell what happened when they decided to be completely open and uninhibited about their religious beliefs
  • The UCG Big Sandy pastor gives a post-split report on his congregation
  • An open letter from a recent WCG member laments the loss of the Last Great Day teaching
  • The Journal interviews Cornerstone Publishing's Jim Rector, who advises people to "live the book of Acts"

ISSUE NO. 18, July 31, 1998

  • David Hulme, on the move, discusses plans
  • Kansas City congregation, a year after split, says it has learned a lot
  • The Bible is not an English book, writes Pekka Vuorio
  • James McBride of the COGUK gives some ways for congregations to cooperate
  • Don't believe everything you hear, advises Howard Baker, who says seven things God hates are the fruits of wrong thinking
  • Christians sure are feisty these days, writes Dave Havir
  • The Journal begins a series of essays on the nature of Jesus Christ; the first installments are by Eric Snow, Gary Fakhoury, Herbert W. Armstrong, Anthony Buzzard and Charles Hunting; some of the writers support the WCG traditional view that Jesus is the second member of the God family; others argue that Jesus, though divine, is not deity
  • C. Wayne Cole writes an open letter explaining his decision to no longer align himself "exclusively" with the UCG-AIA

ISSUE NO. 19, Aug. 31, 1998

  • Gary North kicks off a series about the Y2K computer problem with his article giving the worst-case, and what he believes is the realistic, scenario of what happens beginning (and before) Jan. 1, 2000
  • The WCG issues a statement about the Sabbath, heaven and hell
  • Roderick C. Meredith, in a landmark sermon before the Tulsa congregation, says the Global Church of God is not in danger of being taken over by rebellious ministers
  • Jeff Patton writes his editorial, "Wanted: Righteousness and Justice," that prompts a reaction from the Global Church of God
  • Melvin Rhodes says the brethren need to turn the world upside down
  • The Journal continues its series on the nature of Jesus with writers John Wheeler, Gary Fakhoury (who writes his article in three installments) and Wade Cox
  • The Ambassador campus is under contract to sell to a Catholic college
  • Truckers near Kansas City study the Bible with Church of God members at a truck stop
  • 160,000 professing Christians died for their belief in Christ in 1997

ISSUE NO. 20, Sept. 28, 1998

  • The independent Church of God of Australia reports as many as 5,000 new Burmese church members
  • Church of God (Monrovia) elder says consensus leads to mediocrity
  • The Karens hill-tribe people of Thailand are the forgotten brethren
  • David Antion asks why some children grow up to be criminals
  • Drury Sylvester asks if a Christian should worry about Y2K
  • Dave Havir thinks some of the brethren believe in two heresies
  • Learn from Eastern Europe, advises Melvin Rhodes
  • The Journal continues its series on the nature of Christ with essays from Lon Lacey, Gary Fakhoury (writing his conclusion) and Anthony Buzzard

ISSUE NO. 21, Oct. 30, 1998

  • The Greenville, S.C., congregation of the WCG writes an open letter saying it doesn't want to change its formal days of worship
  • A Church of God group argues that Herbert W. Armstrong's writings are in the public domain and can be freely reprinted and distributed, even though the WCGholds the copyright on many of them
  • Church of God Feastgoers tell about their festivals
  • Steve Thompson says people are making money off Y2K and that's reas
  • on enough to be skeptical of those who predict catastrophe
  • David Roe asks if some in the Body of Christ are authorized to set doctrine
  • The original 12 disciples were exclusivists, declares Dave Havir
  • Melvin Rhodes wants to know how God can be in two places at the same time
  • The letters section includes Roderick Meredith's clarification of The Journal's coverage of his Aug. 1 sermon in Tulsa
  • Letters also include Global's official reaction to Jeff Patton's Journal editorial of Aug. 31
  • This issue includes numerous photos from Feast sites in Texas and Israel
  • Jamie Cartwright pens her impressions of the 1998 Feast in San Antonio

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