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DFW singles to sponsor December dance

DE SOTO, Texas--Sabbatarian singles in the Dallas and Fort Worth area will sponsor a dance the Sabbath of Dec. 12 and plan to invite singles from at least five states.

The dance will be at the United Church of God South Hall, in De Soto, at 712 N. Hampton Rd., one light south of Pleasant Run Road (behind Taco Bell). Drinks and snacks will be served.

Site for teens launched

AUSTIN, Texas--Teenager Seth Hendrickson has announced creation of a Web site for teens in the Churches of God.

Seth says the site has "our own chat room, bulletin board, quizzes, teens-from-the-past updates and addresses. Come on in, adults and teens alike, and give us some feedback."

Seth is the son of Wendy Hendrickson of Austin.

Independent congregation meeting in North Carolina

CLINTON, N.C.--An independent Church of God congregation meets in Clinton every Sabbath at 1 p.m. in American Legion Post No. 22 Building. The brethren have been meeting there for three years.

ICG publishes news

TYLER, Texas--The fall edition of The Intercontinental News, published by the Intercontinental Church of God, includes "What the Church Is, and What the Church is Not," "Area Coordinators Gather in Tyler for Meeting" and an article by Garner Ted Armstrong.

CGI offers forgiveness tape

TYLER, Texas--Church of God International council chairman Ben Chapman recently gave a sermon, "Two Faces of Sin," showing what godly forgiveness and repentance are.

A tape of the sermon, which the church says is especially timely in light of the recent scandals in the American capital city, is available free for the asking.

The church also is offering a tape of a sermon given during the Feast of Tabernacles by John Coish, director of the CGI in Canada, "Children and the Second Coming." The sermon offers insight into the future of children of church members and dispels the "rapture" myth.

To request the free tapes write CGI, P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710, U.S.A., or call (903) 825-2525.

Which OT laws?

TYLER, Texas--Ronald Dart, founder of Christian Educational Ministries, offers a free copy of a Bible study, "Which Old Testament Laws Apply for Today?"

"When a new listener tunes to the Born to Win [Mr. Dart's radio program] program, it is not long before he or she will notice that I believe in the law of God," said Mr. Dart. "The truth is, most Christians do, but there are some complications that enter the picture almost immediately.

"For example, when you read the Old Testament laws, there are many of them that you know intuitively are still as valid today as they were the day they were given. At the same time, you encounter laws that either make no sense at all in the modern world or even seem to run counter to what you would think God would expect of modern man-the laws regulating slavery come to mind.

"Some theologians attempt to deal with this by claiming that all the Old Testament laws were abolished, and we live only by the teachings of Jesus. The problem is that it makes no real sense to speak of laws being abolished when they were given for our good in the first place. It seems especially foolish to argue this in the face of Jesus' plain statement that He had no intention of abolishing so much as a period or comma of the law."

Mr. Dart said the article offers not only a common-sense approach to the laws of the Old Testament, but an approach that is "completely defensible from the Old Testament itself."

To request a copy, call (903) 509-2999, or write P.O. Box 560, Whitehouse, Texas 75791, U.S.A.

'Meet the Teacher' in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--Ron Dart will speak at a "Meet the Teacher" Bible study and Sabbath services here Dec. 5. The study will be at 10:30 a.m. at the Adams Mark Hotel. Services, a potluck and social will follow at 2:30 at the RLDS hall at 31st and Chrysler in Independence, Mo. For more information contact Rick Frazee at (816) 461-3252.

Elder publishes book on Azazel symbolism

PLANO, Texas--Church of God elder Ralph Levy has written a book, The Symbolism of the Azazel Goat, that is newly published by International Scholars Press of Bethesda, Md.

"It is an exegesis of Leviticus 16 and compilation of Jewish and Christian sources that mention the second goat of the Atonement ceremony," Dr. Levy told The Journal, "along with tentative conclusions about the best interpretation of the Azazel's symbolism."

The book's ISBN number is 1-57309-323-8; its price is $74.95. Contact International Scholars Press at, or call 1-800-55-PUBLISH. Write Dr. Levy at

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