Assembly of God Seventh Day hosts combined services

MELBOURNE, Fla.--The Assembly of God Seventh Day played host to a combined Sabbath service here March 8.

"The dual purpose was to introduce ourselves to each other and to discuss the Passover and calendar controversies that have become increasingly prominent everywhere in the assemblies," said Richard A. Heath, secretary pro tem of the group.

Overseer Don Flowers chaired the event and acted as overall host. Four larger groups and several independent groups were represented, as well as some visitors.

Mr. Heath said the day's schedule was divided into two parts: one with song services, Scripture reading from Acts 15 and two 20-minute presentations, one expounding the Passover controversy (Nisan 14 vs. 15) and the other explaining the calendar question (are new moons conjunctions or visible crescents?).

After a break, said Mr. Heath, "the lectern was put away and the chairs formed into a large, circular round-table configuration where each person could see the others. Everyone and anyone with an opinion or question was given opportunity to present it before the assembly. This half lasted for several more hours."

Participants "were attentive throughout and certainly respectful of each others' desire to both hear and be heard," Mr. Heath said. "Congregations, families and individuals came from as far away as Palm Beach Gardens in the south, Lakeland in the west and Titusville to the north. Thirty-five were present, including some visitors from Germany."

Mr. Heath quoted a recurring comment: "I hadn't thought of things in that way before. I'm going to have to go home and study into that more deeply."

"The general consensus at the end of the Sabbath was that it was a resounding success," he said, "showing how like-minded we all were, although studying separately-not that everyone agreed. However, the spirit of disagreeing agreeably was in evidence throughout."

Mr. Heath said that more combined services will be scheduled.

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