Web site supports study of archaeology

CULLOWHEE, N.C.--High Top Media, a publisher of electronic and print media, announced Aug. 10 the construction of BibArch, a Web site at devoted to biblical archaeology.

The focus of the new site, according to Michael Germano, developer and editor of the site, is on the peoples and cultures of the Levant and other regions as they relate to the biblical record during the biblical period.

"The Levant is that geographical region which includes Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territory and the western half of Syria," said Dr. Germano, who is also former academic dean of Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas.

Viewers can explore the lands of the Bible, encounter their ancient cultures and learn more of the archaeology of the Bible at this site. Features include a view of the archaeology of the Bible, basic archaeological theory, a photo gallery, glossary, a news page with links, tours and touring information, commentary, field-work opportunities, and research aids.

"The aim of the site," said Dr. Germano, "is to assist all seeking to extend their knowledge in biblical archaeology, strengthening their biblical understanding or to further their understanding of biblical peoples and times."

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