Group distributes pen-pal directory

HAMILTON, Ont., Canada--The Network of Sabbatarian Community Churches Penpal Directory is in distribution and available.

"Basically we have compiled a number of pen pals from around the world in a directory, with their names and addresses," said A. Scott Cox. "This is a free directory and is Sabbatarian, but not denominated."

Mr. Cox said he thinks there are many lonely Sabbath-keepers, "and if we can get them together we have accomplished much. It is time to build bridges between God's people."

Pen pals will receive their directories three to four weeks after requesting them. Pen pals should be sure to include what they want written in an announcement that will appear in the directory.

"It is the aim of the Penpal Network of Sabbatarian Community Churches to bring God's people together, regardless of race, color, background or church affiliation," said Mr. Cox. "The pen-pal directory was created by the Christian Family Church of God as a service to the Sabbath-keeping people of God.

For more information, write to the NSCC Penpal Network, P.O. Box 37008 Barton Postal Outlet, Hamilton, Ont. L8L 5R5, Canada, or call (905) 528-9373.

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