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Pentecost meeting

COLUMBUS, Ind.--The Family Church of God will meet for Pentecost services the Sabbath of May 30 and Sunday, May 31, at the Waterfront Inn on Jackson Street in Cicero, Ind., on the shore of Lake Morse. Services both days will be at 1 p.m. On the Sabbath speakers will be Bob Smallwood and Brad Pate. On Sunday speakers will be Art Branch and Allen Nicholas, with a potluck dinner to follow the Pentecost meeting only.

For more information, call Bill Young at (812) 579-5921 or Allen Nicholas at (317) 878-5454, or write the Family Church of God, P.O. Box 2191, Columbus, Ind. 47201.

Book available on E-mail

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.--Seventh-day Adventist scholar Samuele Bacchiocchi's book Immortality or Resurrection? can be received free via E-mail. Contact Dr. Bacchiocchi at (616) 471-2915, (616) 471-4013 (fax) or or . Dr. Bacchiocchi's Web site is at

A printed (hardback) version of Dr. Bacchiocchi's book is available for $15, postpaid, from Biblical Perspectives, 4990 Appian Way, Berrien Springs, Mich. 49103.

Sabbath conference on Pentecost weekend

CASSOPOLIS, Mich.--A Sabbath conference, "Proclaiming the Sabbath More Fully," dealing especially with the biblical festivals, is planned as a "grass-roots effort" by some members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Pentecost weekend here.

The meeting will be May 29-31, Friday through Sunday, in an auditorium that can accommodate up to 2,000 people. Presenters will represent a cross-section of Adventist scholars, leaders and laypeople.

Reservations for 84 cabins are available on a first-come, first-served basis; about 30 RV hookups are available.

Those with Internet access can learn more about the conference, which will be from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective and include predictions of Ellen G. White, at All Sabbatarians are invited.

For more information, write Sabbath Conference, P.O. Box 88-6452, Great Lakes, Ill. 60088, or call Sidney Davis at (847) 785-0315.

CGI offers new brochure

TYLER, Texas--The Church of God International has released a new brochure written by elder Vance Stinson.

According to Darren M. Cary of the CGI home office, "it reveals the true work of the watchman and takes issue with the headline-theology approach many have taken historically within the Churches of God and in other ministries."

For a free copy, call (903) 825-2525, or write P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710.

Magazine available

ALTADENA, Calif.--The latest issue of Prophecy Flash newsletter, published by Triumph Prophetic Ministries (Church of God), is available upon request. The March-April issue of the newsletter-magazine, edited by former Plain Truth writer and publisher William F. Dankenbring, includes "Red China Taking Over Panama Canal," "Prophecy Briefs," "Who Is Esau or Edom in Bible Prophecy?," "What Is the Synagogue of Satan?" and "Passover and the Book of Jubilees."

To request a sample copy, or to subscribe, write P.O. Box 292, Altadena, Calif. 91003.

Green pastures

FORT WORTH, Texas--The first issue of The Green Pastures Gazette is in the mail to Sabbath-keeping fellowships in Northeast Texas. The Gazette is a monthly newsletter to encourage communication and a sense of community among Sabbath-keepers.

"Our desire is that fellowships missed in this issue due to our lack of information will introduce themselves to us before our May 20 deadline for inclusion in the June issue," said publisher Phil Keener. "Our requirement for participation by fellowships and congregations is simple: Sabbath-keepers who welcome visitors and will distribute the newsletter among their folks. The newsletter is distributed free by bulk shipment to participating groups or will be mailed to individuals upon request."

Write The Green Pastures Gazette at P.O. Box 6993, Fort Worth, Texas 76115. E-mail, or phone (817) 921-2250.

True Jesus Church

RICHARDSON, Texas--Services of the True Jesus Church begin each Sabbath at 11 a.m. at 1111 Beltline Rd. The TJC was established near the turn of this century in China. For information call Bob Johnson at (972) 479-9899.

Tyler Church of God

TYLER, Texas--The Tyler Church of God meets at 1 p.m. each Sabbath for Bible study and at 2 p.m. for services. Pastored by Larry Watkins, the congregation meets on the second floor of the Times Square shopping facility, behind Casa Ole Restaurant, at 5201 S. Broadway. Call Mac McComb at (903) 894-6660 for more information.

Internet study references

DETROIT, Mich.--Barnabas Ministries' Biblical Reference Desk on the Internet provides KJV Bible translation and other reference works.

Visit the site at

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