Big Sandy "Crisis" Reports
United Church of God 's efforts to transfer pastor Dave Havir.
May 1998

Big Sandy News flash:

The United Church of God Big Sandy deals with the biggest crisis in its three-year history when the United Church of God -AIA announces May 4 that it plans to replace Dave Havir as church pastor. Read all about it, and check here for frequent updates on the situation.

May 5 Big Sandy update:

Here is a play-by-play account of the May 4 local board meeting in Big Sandy. It also includes late breaking news about Ken Giese's and Doug Horchak's planned Big Sandy visit.

May 6 Big Sandy update:

The United Church of God Big Sandy congregation met during its regular Wednesday-night Bible-study time for another Q&A with Mr. Havir and church members.

May 8 Big Sandy updates:

Another Big Sandy meeting: C. Wayne Cole talks about the near removal of his son-in-law, Howard Davis, from his post as associate pastor of a United Church of God congregation in Oregon. Mr. Cole made his comments during the latest member meeting of the crisis in Big Sandy.

Late-breaking news: The Journal learned the afternoon of Friday, May 8, that the council of elders of the United Church of God has requested to conduct a question-and-answer panel discussion before the Big Sandy congregation this weekend immediately at Sabbath services in Hawkins, Texas.

Read United Church of God -AIA rules of association

May 9 Big Sandy update:

Five members of the council of elders of the United Church of God -AIA, along with a member of the ministerial-services team, met with Big Sandy church members after Sabbath services May 9. The Big Sandy brethren asked the hard questions.

May 9 Big Sandy Q&A transcript:

Find out exactly what went on at the Big Sandy Q&A after Sabbath services May 9. Here's a word-for-word transcription of the proceedings.

May 14 Big Sandy update

Members meet with pastor on eve before his meeting with two United Church of God -AIA reps; members begin receiving special letter from United Church of God -AIA chairman Bob Dick May 14.

May 15 Big Sandy update

Big Sandy splits.

May 16 Big Sandy update

The two Big Sandy churches meet in Hawkins and Gilmer. Here, in alphabetical order, are reports on May 16 Sabbath services of the United Church of God -AIA and United Church of God Big Sandy.

May 26 Big Sandy update

The pastor and board of trustees of the United Church of God Big Sandy released to The Journal an official statement concerning the Big Sandy split.

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