What's in Issue No. 3, April 30, 1997?

  • UCG council reconfirms validity of Louisville decisions, decides not to cancel Cincinnati move and nullify other conference decisions

  • See Page 1 of this issue of The Journal.

  • Independent Churches of God plan conference near Tulsa, Okla., for late May. This is the affiliation of congregations with service centers in Hawkins, Texas, and Tulsa.

  • United Church of God sets up official fund for relocation of home office to Cincinnati. Letter to members from chairman notes that donations should not detract from regular tithes and offerings.

  • Worldwide Church of God leaders back on Bible Answer Man radio talk show. Joseph Tkach Jr. and Greg Albrecht answer questions on heaven, hell, abortion and other topics. Mr. Tkach's views on heaven and hell differ from those he revealed on the same show 13 months earlier.

  • Here is the complete, unedited text of the radio broadcasts on which the above article was based. The print version of the article contains comments and opinions by the Journal writer. Here, however, with no editorial asides is the virtually complete text of both shows.

  • Worldwide congregation in Ohio votes to leave the WCG, affiliate with Disciples of Christ, begin meeting on Sundays. The Journal interviews pastor Bill Meyer.

  • Letters from our readers.

  • Special letters section of comments on the calendar articles that appeared in the first two issues of The Journal.

  • Where is the Church of God? A short article by Dave Havir

  • Society and the Church of God: Are they both rooted in the present? Melvin Rhodes' page-3 column laments Americans' alleged lack of a sense of history.

  • Can the need for festival observance by proven from the New Testament? A biblical review by Gary Fakhoury.

  • WCG pastor general leads Easter sunrise services in Gladewater, Texas. Our managing editor was on the spot.

  • Sabbath Campers Fellowship, out of Flint, Mich., invites the brethren to go camping this summer. If you can't go with the SCF, here are some suggestions for starting your own campers' fellowship.

  • Former president of Ambassador College seeks to keep the Ambassador vision alive. Don Ward, in a call for support from the brethren, wants his new school, the IBLC, to be successful and serve the Churches of God.

  • SDA leader tells about Britain's amazing Celtic church, including his research that he says shows St. Patrick was a Sabbatarian.

  • We need to learn the lessons from our church history. Lee Lisman, our man in Battle Ground, Wash., worked on this article for almost a year. This article includes this issue's cartoon, by Greg Radtke.

  • Churches release Feast of Tabernacles information. In this issue we hear from the Church of God International, the Global Church of God, the United Church of God, Servants' News (Norm Edwards), Cornerstone Publications (Jim Rector), United Christian Ministries (Ray Wooten), A Church of God Ministry (Lon Lacey), Christian Educational Ministries (Ron Dart), the House of God of Daytona Beach (Manuel Rojas), the Church of God United (Don Deakins) and independent Feast sponsors in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Australia, Canada and England.

  • Here's what to do about feelings of spiritual superiority, by Dale Jacobs of Bothell, Wash.

  • Writer says churches are blase about teen pregnancies. Loretta Jacobs, wife of Dale, says she expects flak as a result of this article, but she felt she had to speak out.

  • Elder and musician Mark Graham of Ohio decided to come out with a hymnal for the Churches of God. It's got 77 songs, including 29 with music written by Dwight Armstrong. Our April issue includes a picture of the cover of the hymnal.

  • Gerald Waterhouse is ailing and requests prayers from the brethren.

  • Member okay after wreck near where he lives in Missouri, a report by Ewin Barnett.

  • Friends of the Sabbath convenes for the second time in Australia, an on-the-spot report from Melvin Rhodes, who was one of the featured speakers.

  • Sabbatarians from all over get together down under, a report of the same conference from the perspective of its organizer, Craig White. Mr. White writes about representatives of 800,000 Chinese Sabbatarians who added the FOS meetings.

  • CEM encouraging Christian renewal. Christian Educational Ministries conducted its Christian Renewal Conference in Lexington, Ky. CEM founder Ron Dart was there.

  • Writer encourages the churches to preach the Ezekiel message. The message is not the same as the gospel, writer Craig White says, but it's something we ought to be doing.

  • 204 people meet with Friends of the Sabbath in Oregon. This report is courtesy of Richard Nickels and Larry Walker. At the meet were Samuel Bacchiocchi and John-Barry Skidmore, also many Seventh-day Adventists and representatives of other fellowships.

  • UCM director speaks to Californians. Ray Wooten travels to Fullerton for a weekend with a nonaligned church group.

  • The CGI starts Twenty-First Century Watch. A new format replaces Twentieth-Century Watch. The CGI is also offering a new booklet about the Passover.

  • UCM launching newsletter for youths, News for You.

  • Few church people affected in the flooding of the Red River up north, says UCG pastor Paul Lueke of Bismarck.

  • "Notes and Quotes" contains news of a youth camp near Austin, Texas. Also, the CGI is sponsoring some meetings in Australia. Alan Ruth and Barnabas Ministries are providing more materials on the Internet. Last but not least, The Journal gives you the latest on the suit by the WCG to keep the PCG from distributing a book by Herbert W. Armstrong.

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