What's in issue No. 51, April 30, 2001?

Barnabas Ministries and The Journal present a list of 318 Church of God congregations, ministries and service organizations. The list combines information mostly from Barnabas but also from Journal sources. Each entry includes the name of a contact person--sometimes the founder or spokesman for a group--and a mailing or Internet address or phone number. See the print version of The Journal for the complete list.

In spite of the Philadelphia Church of God's petition, the U.S. Supreme Court decides not to hear arguments from the PCG and the Worldwide Church of God regarding the WCG's suit to stop the PCG from distributing a controversial book by Herbert W. Armstrong. The print edition of The Journal includes a list of WCG publications besides Mr. Armstrong's Mystery of the Ages that the WCG says are also affected by the Supreme Court's decision not to get involved. For Bill Stough's article, representatives of both the Worldwide Church of God and the PCG talked with The Journal.

COG members form the Bible Sabbath Musicians' Association.

Two American COG members travel to Africa to explain the annual feast days to Church of God members in Kenya.

The Journal reports on recent sermons in the United Church of God congregation that meets in Gilmer, Texas. A visitor, Frank McCrady of the Church of God a Christian Fellowship, addresses the Gilmer UCG brethren about the recent reconciliation efforts of the CGCF and the UCG. On another Sabbath in Gilmer, Don Ward, a member of the council of elders of the UCG, speaks on a movement within Sabbatarian Christianity that he calls "Satan's greatest deception." To read Mr. McCrady's view of the reconciliation efforts and his remarks on who initiated them, and to read Dr. Ward's comments on a "harmful," "deceitful" and "insidious" movement within Sabbatarian Christianity, see the print version of The Journal.

In editorials in this issue, Rick Beltz advises Journal readers to take care when picking a hero (Mr. Beltz writes in response to recent editorials by Rob Elliott and Mark Little); Cindy Burson reports on a remarkable COG congregation in New Orleans; Dave Havir claims church organizations can interfere with their members' acceptance of biblical truth; Howard Baker opines that humility can blow arrogance out of the water; and Brian Knowles imparts advice to what he calls the "Churches of God pod."

Journal readers sound off in letters to the editor.

Alan Knight reviews a recent article by a Worldwide Church of God theologian that he says hints at acceptance by the church of the concept of "universal salvation." See the print version of The Journal.

Here's a topic on quite a few Church of God members' minds this year: Should you observe Pentecost 2001 on May 27 or June 3? An essay by Dave Havir and a sidebar by Bernie Monsalvo outline for Journal readers some of the dates that "counting 50" up to the Day of Pentecost can lead to in 2001. (Hint: The WCG changed more in 1974 than simply Monday to Sunday.)

"Can two walk together except they be agreed?" asks Bill Bartholomew in an essay. Does Mr. Bartholomew contradict Amos 3:3? See the print version of The Journal for Mr. Bartholomew's surprising conclusion.

The last time we looked in on Jan Creusere, he was demonstrating on behalf of Sabbatarian members of labor unions. Mr. Creusere is still at it. He says Sabbatarians "perfectly" fit the definition of a class of people that deserves "protected status."

The Journal lists Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2001.

The Churches of God Outreach Ministries has streamlined committees and now allows women on committees. In a recent conference in Tulsa, CGOM affiliates agreed on much but disagreed on what to do with Feast of Tabernacles offerings. See the print version of The Journal.

The Evangelistic Association of the Churches of God, founded by Lawrence Gregory and friends (Mr. Gregory is also a founder of the CGOM), reports on its high hopes and its accomplishments since its founding in July 2000. See the print version of The Journal.

John Currier's and Dianne McDonnell's "Equal to Serve" conference in Atlanta is set for Memorial Day weekend, which is also Pentecost weekend for many Church of God members.

Ian Boyne and the Church of God International in Jamaica baptize 13 people during the Days of Unleavened Bread, including several teenagers.

Legacy Partners, which is trying to buy the WCG property in Pasadena, wants to give you your choice of six buildings, most of them on the former Ambassador College campus. They're absolutely free. No kidding. See the print version of The Journal.

Ambassador University alumni who attended at Big Sandy during the '90s plan a reunion for the Memorial Day weekend in Dallas.

An Indiana congregation focuses with fair and food.

"Notes and Quotes" includes several Feast of Tabernacles announcements.

In Connections, Darlene Warren writes about tragic, life-changing events of May 21, 1997.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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