Church of God Memorial:
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson, 87, died March 2003. He was well known among many in all of the Churches of God and was well loved in the Orange County, Calif., Living Church of God congregation where he attended, and very rarely missed Sabbath services.

Dennis not only signed every single card for the sick and the homebound every single week, but he also provided funds on a regular basis to keep those cards coming, along with other ways he sought to be supportive of the local congregation. He kept his communications strong with brethren he had known for many years. Every Sabbath, Mr. Thompson insisted upon helping to set up chairs for the weekly potluck, including on the last Sabbath he was able to attend. He suffered for many years with asbestos lung disease, a hernia, and a nerve condition.

Dennis Thompson will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He is survived by one son, one niece, and innumerable brethren who loved him.

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