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Richard Rice dies

BATON ROUGE, La.--Richard Rice, a longtime elder, evangelist, administrator and board member of the Worldwide Church of God, died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest July 5.

Survivors include Mr. Rice's wife of 47 years, Ginny, and sons Michael, Anthony and Philip.

Mrs. Rice receives mail at 16131 Indigo Ridge Ave., Baton Rouge La. 70817, U.S.A.

Book suits settled

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.--Steven Collins reports the lawsuits holding up the distribution of his books on the tribes of Israel in prophecy have been settled.

"It is likely the books will be out on the market near the beginning of August," he said.

HWA Web site on hold

GLOUCESTER, England--Robert Taylor announces that, because his Internet-service provider has shut down, his site is gone and he will probably not have the time in the near future to rebuild it using another ISP.

Wayne's and Doris's 50th

TYLER, Texas--Wayne and Doris Cole plan to celebrate their 50th anniversary Aug. 16 with family and friends in the city of their marriage in 1953, Pasadena, Calif.

The Coles were early members of the Radio/Worldwide Church of God. He served as an evangelist-ranked minister in the church until 1980 and in many capacities in the church and Ambassador College.

Living in semiretirement here after several successful years in the real-estate business, the Coles attend various Church of God congregations, including the Church of God Big Sandy.

Mr. Cole, originally from Fairview, Okla., met the former Doris Allen of Batesville, Ark., while they were both students at Ambassador College in Pasadena.

Feast at Myrtle Beach

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.--The Intercontinental Church of God plans a Feast of Tabernacles observance for Myrtle Beach, S.C., on the "traditional days," which this year will fall on Oct. 10-18, announced Robert Nunnery.

The event will take place at Ocean Dunes Resort on 75th Avenue North.

"You don't have to hang your mind on the door when you enter," said Mr. Nunnery. "Everyone is welcome."

For more information, write Mr. Nunnery at or 9159 Clinton Rd., Autryville, N.C. 28318, U.S.A.

Colorado Feast

CUCHARA, Colo.--Truth on the Web Ministries and Independent Colorado Brethren Ministries will sponsor the Feast of Tabernacles in Cuchara, in the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

"We shall be keeping the Feast days in accord with the biblical new-moon observation-based calendar, determining the new year by the Middle East abib barley," said Ken Hoeck, "but all from other calendar camps are peaceably welcome."

For more information see and Write Mr. Hoeck at

CESA Feast on the Web

SPRINGWOOD, Australia--Updates for the Feast site sponsored by Christian Educational Services Australia on Bribie Island in the Glasshouse Mountains area of southeast Queensland are available on the Internet, announced Barry Homan. See Phone Mr. Homan at 61-7-46343544.

CEM ships new hymnal

TYLER, Texas--Christian Educational Ministries is shipping its new hymnal. The cost per songbook: $8.95. The volume contains 50 selections that did not appear in an older edition. "Room was made by dropping all Dwight Armstrong and Ross Jutsum songs plus a few others that were hardly ever used," announced Jim Ross.

Mr. Ross said the Tyler Church of God, which supports the CEM ministry, has switched to the new book.

"Special thanks have to go to Lyna Jane Bryant [of Sulphur Springs, Texas], who did all of the typesetting and musical editing for this hymnal," said Mr. Ross.

List of COG-related books

SYDNEY, Australia--Craig White announces that Friends of the Sabbath Australia has posted a list of books useful for Church of God members. See

Mr. White solicits other "good" writings by church members. Write him at

New church and Feast site

BEDFORD, Pa.--Homer Kizer announces a new congregation, the Philadelphia Church Stonefort at Bedford, which will meet Fridays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m.

The location is a building owned by Christ's Church, Old Bedford Village, 220 Sawblade Rd., Bedford. An admission fee is charged by Old Bedford Village to attend the Saturday-morning services.

The church will also sponsor a Feast of Tabernacles observance Oct. 10-18 in the Laurel Highlands region of south-central Pennsylvania.

For more information about the congregation or Feast site, contact Mr. Kizer at, or visit

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