Meeting becoming a tradition

By Kathleen and Lewis McCann

MILTON KEYNES, England--Nineteen adults and nine children met the weekend of May 30 to June 1 for fellowship and instruction at the Friends Meeting House, Selly Oak, Birmingham, England.

Mostly brethren of a Worldwide Church of God background, the participants are lately of Christian Educational Ministries, the United Church of God, the Church of God UK and home fellowships.

They associate with each other during the year, and some meet regularly for the Feast of Tabernacles in Kendal, in the county of Cumbria.

The weekend's hosts were Anthony and Margaret Miles, who came from Oslo, Norway, for the occasion.

Mr. Miles led a Bible study on characteristics of God.

He spoke of 10 aspects in the course of three studies, on Friday evening, Sabbath morning and Sunday midday.

Kept on track by Mr. Miles, the brethren gave input and insight into the God of love, the God who hates oppression, the God who is impartial, the forgiving God, the kind God, the God of war, the God who heals, the just God, the faithful God and the God who is a friend.

"It was a source of great benefit and inspiration to the brethren that they were able to learn so much from each other by all being allowed to express their thoughts," said a participant.

For the service on the Sabbath afternoon, Jim Johnson of Lincolnshire, England, gave insight into the importance of Jesus being the personal Savior, and Mr. Miles spoke about inner peace.

The gathering was blessed with good weather.

Because some stayed in motels, mealtime provided opportunities to fellowship.

A midyear get-together is becoming a tradition for this small group of brethren, several of whom said it is "very encouraging."

Many of the same Church of God members will reunite at the Feast of Tabernacles in Kendal in October.

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