Marriage tape offers sound advice: Save sex

PERRY, Mich.--The Church Bible Teaching Ministry offers a free tape on marriage, "Why Sexual Desire Is Best Fulfilled in Marriage," announced ministry founder Norman Edwards.

The message "combats the media's massive selling of sex with truthful information showing how God's way works and how other approaches fail," he said.

Young people often need their parents' restraint, but parents often need to learn to accept realistic plans for their offspring's eventual courtship and marriage, he said.

"Today it is a challenge for a single person to find a mate that is morally pure, ready for marriage and attractive.

"It is even more of a challenge to find one that also observes the Sabbath and feast days."

Request the tape from the Church Bible Teaching Ministry, P.O. Box 107, Perry, Mich. 48872, U.S.A.; (517) 625-7480; .

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