United issues camp invitation

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God has announced its camps for young people for 2003.

Who can participate?

Participation is not limited to members of United Church of God families. Eligible to participate is anyone who meets the age requirements and who promises to read a campers' "code of conduct" and "comply with the values of the camp program."

U.S. camps

The camps, ages accommodated, dates and contact information are as follows:

o Pinecrest, Fredericktown, Mo.: ages 12-18, June 12-19, Greg Sargent, (816) 350-3784, .

o Camp Hye Sierra, near Kings Canyon National Park, Calif.: ages 12-18, June 29­July 6, James Capo, (520) 579-8878,.

o Camp Woodmen, Blountsville, Ala.: ages 12-18, June 29­July 6, David Dobson, (423) 239-0501, .

o Teton Challenger Camp, near Colter Bay Village, Wyo.: high-school-age students who have attended a previous UCG camp, July 7-17, Paul Luecke, (701) 255-0023, .

o Camp Carter, Fort Worth, Texas: ages 12-18, July 20-27, Ken Treybig, (903) 844-9246, .

o Camp Davidson, Sisters, Ore.: ages 12-19 as of August, Aug. 3-10, Matthew Fenchel, (513) 576-9796, .

o Camp Heritage, Farmington, Pa.: ages 12-15, Aug. 10-17, Darris McNeely, (317) 885-8548, .

o Winter Camp, Williams Bay, Wis.: ages 12-18, Dec. 21-25, Steve Nutzman, (608) 758-9228, .

Camps in other countries

The UCG also sponsors camps in the Caribbean, Chile, Ghana, Guatemala, the Philippines and South Africa.

For more information write the United Church of God's home office at P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A., or visit the UCG on the Web at

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