Why are America and Britain
plagued by drought?

by Brian Harris

OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- In the United States in the winter of 2014 we have massive drought in our nation's farmlands and three times the normal snowfall in the cities of the eastern United States as well as massive flooding.

For a second winter, the British Isles have suffered storms with winds up to 180 miles per hour and more than 6,000 homes flooded.

Seemingly insoluble

London, Britain's seat of government and one of the world's largest cities, has a seemingly insoluble problem that they cannot solve: Forty-one percentĀ  of underground water that supplies 80 percent of the nation's drinking water is no longer being replenished.

During the winter of 2011 the North American continent received 46 percent of snow coverage. In 2012 it received only 19 percent, and this trend continues.

Drought-stricken areas begin in the croplands of northern Canada and run all the way to South Texas.

The drought in the United States expanded from 58 percent to 61 percent in October and November 2012.

Then 2013 was the driest year recorded in the previous 12 years of drought now threatening the nation's food supply.

California parching

With 95 percent of California experiencing drought and reservoirs down to 36 percent of capacity, the Northern California Water district has cut off 25 million people and one million acres of farmland from further water supply, leaving areas of the state to fend for themselves in acquiring water from overpriced sources already in short supply.

Snowpack down

The winter of 2013 was one of the driest in the last century, and the 2014 winter rainfall and snowpack are down by 80 percent to date.

Much of California's drought is centered on the San Joaquin Valley, the most productive farmland in the world, which produces half of the nation's fruit, nuts and vegetables worth $43 billion each year.


Feed for cattle has risen to three times its normal cost, and up to 80 percent of herds are now being sold off.

Global warning

Can the drought and the confusion in the weather be explained by global warming? While proponents on both sides fight over the issues and some religionists cry end of the world, let us understand the truth behind this mounting tragedy.

Droughts, floods and famines have been occurring for thousands of years.

But on rare occasions, to correct the descendant nations of Israel as occurred before World War II in the Dust Bowl years, and as a prelude to war and possible national captivity, God allows terror attacks and then introduces a national drought that begins slowly over decades, drying out the country's farmland and the dwindling supply of water. See this detailed in Leviticus 26.

Inexplicable blocks

Experts have determined that a series of unexplainable "blocks" are being placed on the jet stream, forcing the winter rains and snowfall north of the crop-growing areas of the United States and Canada but allowing what they call the arctic vortex, dumping severe weather on cities in the east.

People talk about the change in the weather, unsuspecting that it will eventually bring a massive reduction in American farming and industry and will over time destroy American and British life as we know it.

For more than 800 years and 200 years, respectively, our governments and those of the democracies established around the world have adhered to principles of moral behavior and higher ethics, making our nations the envy of the world.

Rules breaking down

There has always been individual breaking of the rules, but nationally, to a great degree, we did our part.

Those nations whose populations have used the Ten Commandments as their moral guidelines have been given incredible wealth to enjoy over centuries. The rest of the world shares only a third of the earth's resources.

Educated away

But now, today, our nations -- and our nation's leaders -- have been educated away from believing in God's existence and therefore do not realize the significance behind the fact that many of our laws directly conflict with God's law.

Educated people from the top schools in our lands have not stopped to consider the cause-and-effect principles behind our economic crisis and the massive drought crisis that has been building for 25 years.

Fickle populace

Could this drought be the result of the changes the so-called experts have made to our nation's laws and our population's willingness to accept these changes?

We know that Britain and America will suffer a huge loss of life during a massive drought that will finally cause millions to die from disease epidemics in our large cities through a lack of sanitation, clean drinking water and food supplies here in the United States as well as in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A chink will be found

As we watch this occur, we need to help the American and British people realize that God does exist and through this corrective punishment they are being warned of a coming World War III military defeat.

Germany, the leading nation in Europe, will find a chink in our aging defenses and in a final attempt at world domination will strike our nations just as it hit Britain and Eastern Europe after the 1930s drought that preceded the Second World War.

Misguided attempt to please

Our leaders simply do not know what they are causing as they continue to do away with laws that were based on Judeo-Christian ethics in an attempt to please those who are pushing for this.

Let us encourage them to begin to live by God's laws to avert a national tragedy, or so some may escape what is to come.

Please do your part to help warn our nations.

The Dust Bowl revisited

Watch Ken Burns' production of The Dust Bowl on PBS stations to learn how bad the drought was in the 1930s. Our present situation may become seven times worse.

Read "Drought, Flood and Famine" on page 1 of the America and Britain's Future Free Library at, or write for a free copy and details of the Outreach Program to US-British Future, P.O. Box 4877, Oceanside, Calif. 92056, U.S.A.

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