Nine ministers leaving Church of God, IC
hold organizational conference

Several people who until recently were members of the Church of God an International Community (CGIC), headed by David Hulme and headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., convened a ministerial conference on Dec. 30, 2013.

Information about the meeting was posted at a Web site recently set up by the conferees. The site ( posted a summary statement:

"Nine ministers and their wives gathered together in conference December 30, 2013, through January 3, 2014.

"The retreat focused on: the need for a proper understanding of the governance established by our Creator and our Father through the family relationship, and the need for reconciliation between the ministry and the members or flock that our Father has called."

Communication with David Hulme

The site featured a letter the conference participants had sent to Mr. Hulme that was signed by Ted Budge and Brian Orchard.

In it Mr. Orchard and Mr. Budge made a reference to an earlier meeting with Mr. Hulme:

"Following our meeting on Tuesday, December 24th, you suggested some additional time for each of us to see what God would have us to do in order to move forward."

The two men mentioned they had presented "two vital issues" to Mr. Hulme with the stated intent "to begin the process of reconciliation."

They listed the two issues as (1) "the marriage/family model of God's government" and (2) "a ministerial conference."

The men also repeated their request for a "follow-up session" with Mr. Hulme.

Who were the nine?

The nine conferees included Mr. Budge, Mr. Orchard and two other men who recently exited the CGIC.

Mr. Hulme had disfellowshipped Steven Andrews, who had served as corporate secretary-treasurer, chief financial officer and general counsel of the CGIC, on Nov. 17 and Peter Nathan, who had resigned on Dec. 2.

The other five men listed as having attended the conference were Stephen Elliott, Bill Hutchison, Bob Radzaj, Marshall Stiver and Cliff Veal.

Letter to interested members

The nine ministers who participated in the conference posted a letter describing the five "steps" they aimed to take because of the conference:

  • Form an advisory committee.

  • Provide weekly Sabbath services to begin Jan. 4, 2014, and weekly Bible studies via Internet conferencing beginning on Jan. 10.

  • Schedule a postconference recap meeting.

  • Invite interested people to fast at a time yet to be determined.

  • Provide a transitional Web site ( to supply information and recorded messages.


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