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Life Events
Prayer Requests

John E. Beck of Nevada, uncle of Mr. and Mrs. James Moran of Tyler, Texas, has been diagnosed with two types of cancer of the blood. Doctors indicate his condition is terminal and has only a few months to live. Please pray for him and his family.

Mary Lois Beirman, 16101 Windham Dr., Little Rock, Ark., is suffering from macular degeneration and GERD (gastroesophegeal reflux disease). The latter condition has done damage to her vocal cords. Prayers would be appreciated.

Alex Donovan requests prayers for the brethren in Kenya which is currently on the brink of civil war. Two brethren have already had their homes burned, and others are unable to work due to the violence in the streets following an election.

Larry Estess, 52, brother-in-law of Rhonda Stevens of Shreveport, prostate cancer.

Mary Sliger Exley of Sidney, Ohio, is scheduled to enter the hospital for tests.

Olga Fontao, mother of Tony Fontao of Miami, Fla., hospitalized with bronchitis and early stages of pneumonia.

Rich Griffiths thanks everyone for prayers on behalf of his family when his dad died last May. He asks for continued prayers for his mom, his sister Karen and his nephew John.



Prayer Requests

Jennifer Group of the Austin, Texas, Church of God is four months pregnant and experiencing severe pain in her side and early contractions. She has been instructed by her doctor to stay in bed. Please pray for her health and that of her baby as well as her other two small children and husband, John.

Evelyn Hart, 84, Columbia, Mo., medical tests.


Sharon Brown, 63, passed away Dec. 25, 2007, following a long battle with cancer. She and her husband, Frank, were married for more than 42 years. Sharon requested no funeral arrangements be made. Instead, a memorial service at a later date will be held. In lieu of flowers, Sharon requested that those who so desire make a donation to a charity of their choosing. Please keep Frank and their daughters and sons-in-law in your prayers at this time. Cards of condolence may be sent to Frank Brown, 2290 Arbot Rd., Nanaimo, B.C. V94 6S5, Canada.



Prayer Requests

Richard Duhaime, 13 Duhaime Dr., Hancock, ME 04640, is recovering at home from injuries sustained when a tractor rolled over him. One leg bone was crushed and one was broken clean. No nerve damage occurred. He and his family would appreciate your prayers for a full recovery.

Nancy S., friend of Lisa Coker of California, in a medically induced coma after an auto accident.

Aidann Vesayaporn, 3, of Birmingham, England, is awaiting possible surgery. He is currently functioning with one lung.


Jimmy Wilson, 53, died Nov. 2, 2007, after being bitten by a rattlesnake. Jimmy was born in Wyoming, but he and his family moved to Lexington, Ky., shortly thereafter, where he resided at the time of his death. He attended the Worldwide Church of God for many years. He is survived by three children, Christy Jo, James D. and Jessie Leigh; his parents, Jim and Reva Wilson of Trenton, Fla., two sisters, Debbie Moberly and Yvonne Page; a foster brother, Vincent Kelly; numerous nieces and nephews; and all his friends in Kentucky. He was preceded in death by a foster sister, Sandy Kelly, who passed away in September. Jim and Reva Wilson receive mail at 13351 NE 20th Ave., Trenton, FL 32693.

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