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Notes and Quotes - Issue 119
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Notes and Quotes

Papers upgraded

SYDNEY, Australia--Craig White of Origins of Nations announces the upgrade of various papers at

The upgrades include new covers, an index for the longer articles and improved text and layout.

"It is my sincere hope that these articles provide further proofs for what HWA [Herbert W. Armstrong] taught on a range of subjects. I feel that this is very important, given that so much of what he taught is either being utterly destroyed or being watered down."

Hebraic Feast in Oklahoma

HAWKINS, Texas--The Ami Yisrael Hebraic Congregation, founded by Tim and Angie Kelley, will again play host to the "Season of Our Joy" Feast of Tabernacles site at Lake Murray Lodge and Resort in Ardmore, Okla.

The observance will begin Wednesday evening, Sept. 26, and run through Thursday, Oct. 4.

"We attempt to look at the Bible from a Hebrew perspective," Mr. Kelley said. "We understand that the Bible is a Hebrew book written by the Hebrew people and written about the Hebrew people.

"We also acknowledge that Yeshua--Jesus--was a first-century Jew, as were the writers of the New Testament."

For more information, see, or write the Kelleys at 294 PR 7904, Hawkins, Texas 75765, U.S.A.


Growing CGI in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica--Pastor Ian Boyne reports the Church of God International in Jamaica continues to shatter its own attendance records, recording on Pentecost, May 27, 2007, its highest-ever feast-day observance of 300. High attendance during the Days of Unleavened Bread in April was 277. The Kingston congregation's average attendance is 225, Mr. Boyne reports.

The Journal plans to publish a report from Mr. Boyne on the growth of the CGI in his country in the near future.

Ultimately good news

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God is thinking about changing the subtitle of its magazine. The periodical's full title is The Good News: A Magazine of Understanding.

Some on the 12-man council of elders have worried that the title as a whole inadvertently conveys too optimistic an outlook.

As council member and church president Clyde Kilough stated, although the magazine is titled Good News, the witness and warning message of the gospel sometimes can include "bad news."

Church-publication editors have suggested several alternatives to the present subtitle: Hope Beyond Today's Troubled World, Hope Beyond Today's World, Beyond Today's Troubled World, Beyond Today and Hope Beyond Today.

The council on Feb. 28, meeting in San Diego, Calif., decided to postpone making a decision.

The present title combines the main title of an old WCG magazine, The Good News, with the subtitle of its flagship publication, The Plain Truth: A Magazine of Understanding.

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