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Notes and Quotes

Howard Silcox dies

BRICKET WOOD, England--Howard Silcox, 84, a longtime member of the Worldwide Church of God, died May 26. Mr. Silcox was head of the gardening department at Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, in the 1960s.

Mr. Silcox is survived by his wife, Margaret, and sons David, Andrew and Bronwyn.

Words have meaning

BIG SANDY, Texas--Last month's "Notes and Quotes" included an item about Jim and Dot Ussery's Feast of Tabernacles plans that got the story exactly wrong.

The real story: Mr. Ussery announced he will not sponsor a Feast site in the Florida Panhandle or Alabama this year because the Usserys observe a calendar that this year does correspond with the timing of most Church of God Feast observances.

Up-and-down votes

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Church of God Big Sandy conducted its annual election to the board in June by returning all three incumbents to the governing body.

The congregation reelected Bernie Monsalvo of Gladewater, John Warren of Big Sandy and Karl Wilson of Tyler.


The annual nomination process happens each May. Each member of the congregation is invited to nominate twice as many candidates as board vacancies. At the end of May the names of the top nominees are placed on a ballot and the congregation votes in June.

Since this was a year when three terms were expiring, each member of the congregation could nominate up to six people. (Since the board has seven members, some years have two terms expiring and some years have three terms expiring.) If there are ties for those six people, the number of nominees can expand.

Because of ties this year, eight people ended up on the election ballot. Besides the three incumbents, they were Ron Avey of Big Sandy, Ron Feaker of Hawkins, Vi Lehman of Pritchett, Neil McIver of White Oak and Melodee Overton of Hawkins.

Book distribution

FISH HOEK, South Africa--Geoff Neilson has sent a copy of his new book, America's Greatest Prophet: The Endtime Elijah--Herbert W. Armstrong, to the president of the United States George W. Bush.

Mr. Neilson also sent a copy to Prince Charles, Steven Spielberg and the publisher of The New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

"I believe this book is unique and should be an inspiration to anyone holding fast to the Philadelphia-era apostle's teachings and make any other reader at least more aware of the importance of the greatest prophet since Bible times," Mr. Neilson said.

The author cannot afford to give away copies of the 272-page tome, which is hardbound and has pages measuring 8.25 by 11.75 inches, but will provide them at his cost to interested parties. Write him at Box 22256, Fish Hoek, Cape Town 7974, South Africa, or Or phone him at +27 72 80 76600.

"I also sent a copy of the book to one of the most experienced ministers in the largest remnant of the church still holding fast to God's truth, giving him permission to make copies for any of his colleagues," Mr. Neilson said.

Have a happy 9-11

CLAYTON, N.C.--Neal Brantley announces the annual Barbecue & Friends Get-Together for Sept. 11, 2005, for "friends who have attended the many COG congregations in North and South Carolina and Virginia over the past 40-plus years."

The event will taker place in Pine Level, N.C., at an American Legion building on U.S. 70-A.

"Fred Toole and help are preparing the barbecue beef," Mr. Brantley said. "Bring your favorite dishes and drinks to complete the meal. The fellowship starts when you arrive. We plan to eat about 1:30."

For more information write Mr. Brantley at 4796 Covered Bridge Rd., Clayton, N.C. 27527, U.S.A., or phone him at (919) 631-9845. Or contact Mr. Toole at (919) 934-7047.

Conductor dies

ROME, Italy--Carlo Maria Giulini, 91, who conducted the Vienna Symphony in the Ambassador Auditorium in its inaugural performance in 1974, died in his native Italy on June 14. Obituaries at the time of his death identified him as the leading Italian conductor of his generation.

Leading-edge objectivity

HULL, Que., Canada--Sam Licorish announces that has launched an online newspaper "which we hope to eventually expand to a printed version."

Your participation, says Mr. Licorish, is invited in submitting news articles, commentary, photos and even free advertising.

"One of its primary objectives is to provide an open and decidedly objective leading-edge discussion for Christians."

Articles on the site include a discussion of the "New Testament Sabbath" and various approaches to prophecy.

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