New worldwide forum for singles starts on Internet

By Mac Overton

EVERETT, Wash.­A new Internet forum for singles in the Churches of God began in August.

"The Sabbatarian Singles Fellowship Forum was created to provide a springboard for those of us with similar backgrounds in the faith to be able to correspond with others who are of our unique philosophical and religious background in the Body of Christ," said Marla Prouty, one of the founders. As of Aug. 15, 29 single people were members of the forum.

The concept originated with Miss Prouty, who said the idea was hers but insists that a large share of the help came from friends on another forum, Robert Teague and Terry Todd, who she said helped "form and shape" the idea into reality.

"We are starting with the forum because participants can read and respond within their own time frame," Miss Prouty said.

She is working with Tom Chambers to devise a Sabbatarian singles' chat room that will be added later.

This forum is not an official production of any of the Churches of God, nor is it intended to be a means for proselytizing for any of the Churches of God. It is open to all members of the Churches of God, regardless of affiliation.

This statement is not meant to exclude those who don't participate with any organized Church of God, regardless of their reason, she said. Those participating in the forum will not be asked their church affiliation.

"The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for unmarried people of the various Churches of God to come together to discuss relevant issues confronting their roles, trials and joys in the church today, as well as share with others good news and ideas," said Miss Prouty.

"We don't believe that any one organization solely composes the Church of God, but that each organization or individual with God's Holy Spirit is part of the Church of God and as such are joint heirs of the Kingdom of God," she said. "We believe that God has placed each one of us in the Body as He has seen fit. Therefore, we believe that we are all equal under God's eyes, with the same potential reward in the Kingdom of God."

The forum will not be a place for "personal attacks" on anyone, Miss Prouty said, but "this doesn't preclude criticism that is designed to stimulate solutions to problems.

"The Sabbatarian Singles Fellowship Forum is not trying to draw lines to shut people out, but rather a line around the world to draw people in," she said.

Any single members of the Body of Christ may contact the list maintainer, Marla Prouty, at, to have their names added to the forum and receive postings via E-mail.

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