Journal presents quiz, reprints United Church of God constitution and bylaws

ARCADIA, Calif. - The United Church of God is prominent in the news in The Journal. Much of the news is generated because of differences of opinion regarding the United Church of God 's governance.

Because of that, The Journal this issue presents a quiz on the constitution and bylaws of the United Church of God that begins immediately below this article. Also reprinted, beginning below and on page 25, is the entire text of the constitution and bylaws, which was first adopted in December 1995 at the general conference of elders in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The United Church of God is governed by the general conference, which consists of all 465 ordained elders.

The 12 members of the council of elders of the United Church of God and their church areas are as follows: Gary Antion, Toronto, Ont., Canada; Robert Dick (chairman), Seattle, Wash.; Jim Franks, Houston, Texas; Roy Holladay, Fort Meyers, Fla.; David Hulme, Los Angeles, Calif. (the Eagle Rock congregation); Victor Kubik, Terre Haute, Ind.; Dennis Luker, Seattle.; Les McCullough, Big Sandy, Texas; Burk McNair, San Antonio, Texas; Peter Nathan, Basingstoke, England; Leon Walker, Big Sandy, Texas; Don Ward, Big Sandy.

All are employed by the United Church of God except Mr. McCullough and Dr. Ward. Mr. McCullough is retired; Dr. Ward is founder and president of the Center for Bible Education, Hawkins, Texas.

Council member David Hulme is also president of the United Church of God.

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