Web site caters to music lovers in COGs

LACEY, WASH.--A Web site is up and running for the Bible Sabbath Musicians Association at

The BSMA is an organization of Sabbatarians with an interest in music founded by Robin Todd a few months ago to help foster an environment of cooperation and brotherhood through music among the many Sabbath-keeping Christian groups.

It serves its own membership as well as the larger Sabbatarian community of believers, said Mr. Todd. The group opened its site with 32 members from around the world.

"Many more have expressed a strong desire to join but have yet to visit the new Web site or return information through the mail," he said. "The organization has kept a pretty low profile while working to bring up this Web site."

The BSMA offers online membership with a simple questionnaire that takes only a few minutes to complete. There is no membership fee.

Yet to come is a message board, music news, sheet music, lyrics, etc.

One of the major projects Mr. Todd needs to undertake almost immediately, he said, is the means to share his information with those not on the Internet.

"This will mean establishing a link between the BSMA and pastoral ministries for passing along information to congregations," he said.

Mr. Todd and his wife, Liz, ask BSMA members and other Sabbatarian Christians to exercise patience as the organization grows and learns. They are already getting some good suggestions and just need some time to implement them, he said.

If you're not on the Internet but would like to become a member of the BSMA or learn more about it, write BSMA, 6413 Stephan Ct. SE, Lacey, Wash. 98503, U.S.A.

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