Stuck in Lodi? Read two books while you wait

LODI, Calif.--In an effort to answer the "challenge of common heresies," Roy Marrs, a longtime member of the Church of God (Seventh Day), is giving away two books.

Paul: New Testament Lawyer and Advocate of Grace and God's Revised Will and the Rest of the Story, which ordinarily sell for $9.95 each, are free to individuals and groups.

Mr. Marrs--along with Alan Knight of Antioch, Calif., another member of the CG7 based in Denver, Colo.--has been a critic of what he says he sees as a moving away by the venerable Sabbatarian church from a belief in the validity of God's law.

Paul: New Testament Lawyer and Advocate of Grace is a 390-page study of the apostle's teachings about God's law and its relationship to Christian conduct, said Mr. Marrs.

It covers "how God's law and our behavior affect our relations with God, with other Christians and with our neighbors."

The second volume, God's Revised Will and the Rest of the Story, is a 338-page companion volume to Paul. This book is a study in contrasts and similarities between the covenant God made with Israel and the covenant He made with the church. It also examines Hebrews 3 and 4, specifically the meaning of the word rest in those chapters and the reason the Sabbath is mentioned in discussions of those chapters.

The price for individuals buying both books is $3 for postage. The books themselves are free.

The price for groups--two boxes with 22 of each title--is also zero and, for groups, the postage is also free.

Help with postage is appreciated on the group orders but not required.

Contact Mr. Marrs while supplies last at 102 Mokelumne River Dr., Lodi, Calif. 95240, U.S.A.; (209) 333-0357; or

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