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Prayer requests

Coleman, Terence, 14, Tulsa, OK, broken right ankle.

Duke, Frank, 2860 CR 3384, Pittsburg, TX 75686, heart attack.

Genshock, Margarette C., 12910 SE 240th St. No. C3, Kent, WA 98031, suffering from the narrowing of a spinal disc causing spasms and strong pain in spine, hips, legs, and feet.

Martinez, Richard, Corpus Christi, TX, awaiting liver transplant.

Sellers, Cristi, 40, Kerrville, TX (daughter of Albert Smalley), leukemia.

Sherman, Wendy, Austin, TX, sciatica pain.

Smalley, Albert, PO Box 1433, Freer, TX 78357, pending surgery on arm for cancer.

Vaughn, Jim, Texarkana, TX area, back surgery pending.

Cabrerra, Chester, 1304 W. 10th St., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, surgery scheduled to remove cancer from leg.

Caughfield, Sue, PO Box 842, Omaha, TX 75571, high cholesterol, gallstones, atypical tuberculosis.

Cruze, Nicky, 113 W. Lake St., No. 4, Chisholm, MN 55719, son of Tracey, tests pending to determine level of autism.

Cruze, Tracey, 113 W. Lake St., No. 4, Chisholm, MN 55719, recovering from knee surgery.

Echavarra, Joseph, 22, 1385 George Ives Rd., Marshall, TX 75670, diabetic, severe pancreatic infection, home from hospital and improving.

Gober, Sharon, 1357 CR 456, Piggot, AR 72454, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

Good, Debbie (wife of Joe), recovering from gallbladder surgery.

Hoskinson, Molly, 23, Greenville, SC, suffering from Hodgkins Disease. After 12 chemotherapy treatments she is in remission.

Amburgey, Bill, 423 CR 3080, Ben Franklin, TX 75415, weakening from neuro-muscular disease.

Anderson, Blake, 45, 103 Dublin Dr., Hunker, PA 15639, lung cancer.

Armstrong, Ben, c/o James Armstrong, 156 Springtree Lane, Everton, AR 72633, arm not healing sufficiently from injury due to tree accident.

Chapman, Cindy, 2950 Westerland Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301, leukemia, awaiting marrow transplant.

Coleman, Neal, foot problems.

Collins, Michael, arm surgery recovery.

Craft, Bonnie, cyst on adrenal gland.

Goodwin, Jesse James Jr. (Jay), Williamsburg Center, Genesis Elder Care, 1235 Mt. Vernon Ave., Williamsburg, VA 23185, undergoing physical therapy for severe automobile accident injuries.

Gray, Eve, Sydney, Australia, cervical cancer recovery.

Harbaugh, Inez, PO Box 251, Elfers, FL 34680, terminal lung cancer.

Horton, Barbara Gail, suffering from degenerative disease, tripped and fell, injuring her shoulder.

Hufton, Barbara, Australia, 20 nodules on lungs, drugs ineffective.

Knowles, Lorraine (wife of Brian), migraine headaches.

Koehn, Helen, Springfield, MO, hospitalized because of fluid on heart and lungs.

Kurr, John (son of Michael), Okla., pneumonia.

Mugno, Michael, liver problems.

Payne, Howard, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, heart attack, kidney problems.

Phillips, Thea, Vancouver, BC, Canada, breast cancer, upcoming surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.mmm

Raney, Billy, PO Box 243, Cookville, TN 75558, awaiting heart transplant.

Scott, Mary M., Mobile, AL, cancer returned, now in liver. Chemotherapy planned.

Sharp, Marjory, 406 Robinson, Big Sandy, TX 75755, heart problems.

Sims, Lena, 92, Texarkana, TX, cataracts, failed vision and failing health.

Smith, David P., Big Sandy, TX, Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Soriano, Tanya, undergoing haemodialysis, may need kidney transplant early next year. Cards and letters of encouragement may be sent to: Miss Tanya Soriano, 7485 Santillan St., Makati City 1200, Philippines.

Thomas, Kellie, Shreveport, LA area, recovery from surgery to remove blood clots.

Thompson, Roosevelt, Mobile, AL, awaiting possible heart surgery.

Willis, James Daniel, 21, 260P La Caze Rd., Pitkin, LA 70656 (grandson of Earnestine Barrington), Hodgkins Lymphoma, chemotherapy.

Willis, Kaicee, 3, Harrison, AR, Neuroblastoma.

Wrigley, Dan, 123 Green Park Dr., Collinsville, IL 62234, recovering from diverticulitis bleed.

Akehurst, Donna, 27310 SE 382nd St., Enumclaw, WA 98002, heart problems, diabetic.

Alquire, Kay, 420 E. 6th St., Anna, TX 75409, inoperable blood cancer.

Bradwell, Murry, 171 June St., Mobile, AL 36608, pain from neuropathy.

Chikar, Carole, cancer surgery recovery.

Coleman, Roger, 902 E. 3rd St., Stuttgart, AR 72160, esophagus cancer.

Dawson, Courtney, Tulsa, OK, rare ovarian cancer.

Derrick, Annie Mae, 403 W. 18th St., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, cancer, chemotherapy.

Fair, Ruth, 611 Rosedale, Prichard, AL 36610, fibromyalgia.

Fenchel, Lisa, 1175 McKinley Court, Batavia, OH 45103, lymphoma cancer in neck.

Gettler, John, Palm Harbor, FL area, Agent Orange poisoning.

Glass, Sarah, Corona, CA, breast cancer returned, surgery pending.

Glynn, Joe, 1015 Roberts Cut Off Rd., No. 1, Fort Worth, TX, awaiting kidney transplant.

Gotman, Nick, Missasauga, Canada, brain tumor, cancerous.

Hagler, Brandi, Montgomery, AL, Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma (a fast spreading cancer).

Harper, Rocky, RR 1 Box 255, Cookville, TX 75558, chronic hepatitus C.

Henderson, Roy, cancer in the latter stages.

Herbert, Betsy, 62, CA, breast cancer, chemotherapy.

Hogman, Cindy, 32, wife and mother, Stage 4 cervical cancer.

Johnson, Frances, 351 Conti St., No. 213, Mobile, AL 36602, bone cancer, chemotherapy.

Jones, Martha, 410 W. 17th St., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, MD, diabetes, and heart problems.

Kachluck, Millie, 1641 Paddlewheel Dr., Mariette, GA 30065, motor neuron ailment, strokes.

Kane, Susan Hand, Southgate, MI, breast cancer, radiation.

Kaping, Nancy, 306 N. "D," Duncan, OK 73533, heart problems.

Keisler, Ruth, College Station, TX, bowel cancer, undergoing chemotherapy.

Kerley, Margie, "Big Momma", kidney failure and blood clots.

Kroeker, Kathy, Kelowna, BC, Canada, rheumatoid arthritis.

Lawrence, Minnie, 90 Riverbend Rd., Centreville, AL 35042, recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Logan, Ruby, Pittsburg, TX, cancer in lower back.

Massengale, Jim, 32406 Concord, Apt. D, Madison Heights, MI 48071, liver cancer.

McCaully, Ann, undergoing tests, cancer possible.

Medeiros, John, 61, Calif., pancreatic cancer.

Montgomery, Monty, New Boston, TX, hand and feet cancer surgery.

Payne, Anita, RR 1 Box 496, Gilmer, TX 75644, diabetes.

Phillips, Kathy, Gilmer, TX, Multiple Sclerosis.

Post, Billie, diabetes, breast cancer, possible gallstones.

Ratliff, Alice, mother of Donna Brown, cancer.

Rogers, James Kenneth, two cancerous lesions in brain.

Runyan, Marvin, Shreveport, LA, cancerous spot on liver.

Shirn, John, colon cancer.

Smalley, Crystal Nicole, 13, Murfreesboro, TN, leukemia.

Stephens, Nancy, Healthsouth, 1600 37th St., Rm. 315B, Vero Beach, FL 32960, stroke victim, chemical menengitis.

Thompson, Marilyn, Multiple Sclerosis.

Tims, Lori, breast cancer.

Turner, Albert, Beebe, AR, brain operation recovery.

Van Westen (Lisec), Ann, PO Box 814, Alamogordo, NM 88311, Aseptic Meningitis, asthma.

Webb, Jerry, Spokane, WA, three new tumors, awaiting chemotherapy.

Weight, Madeline, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, ovarian cancer.

Whitlow, Jean, Cookville, TX, health problems. Also, daughter (Kay Alquire), and son (Billy Raney) seriously ill.

Skidmore, John Barry, hospitalized with a mild stroke.

Agnes, 24, a student from the University of Nigeria Nsukka requests prayers and assistance for herself and younger siblings, 20, 16 and 12. Their parents were killed because of their strong resistance to the Sharia system of governance put in place by the Islamic Congress in northern Nigeria. They are currently being housed by a friend. She receives E-mail at


Asa Emerson of Springfield, Mass. died Saturday Oct. 20, 2001. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Annette; daughters, Eileen of Winston-Salem, N.C. and Anne Marie of Chicopee, Mass; son, Ronald of Springfield, Mass, and nine grandchildren. Cards and letters for Mrs. Emerson may be sent in care of Rick and Eileen Beltz, PO Box 30272, Winston-Salem, NC 27130-0272, U.S.A.

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