BSA makes new Sabbath directory available

GILLETTE, Wyo.--The 246-page ninth edition of the Bible Sabbath Association's comprehensive Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups is hot off the press.

"The directory lists over 400 Sabbatarian groups and over 1,600 congregations," announced Richard Nickels of Gillette, a member of the association's board.

Originally published in 1957, this edition is the largest compilation of Sabbatarian groups in the BSA's history and includes many congregations in countries besides the United States.

The Bible Sabbath Association, founded in 1945, is a nondenominational organization whose sole purpose is to promote the Sabbath and cooperation among Sabbath-keeping Christians.

BSA members and leaders include Seventh-day Adventist, Seventh Day Baptist, Church of God and many other affiliations.

The information about the groups is organized in several ways, including alphabetically, geographically and by Web site. In the alphabetical listing, for example, the A's start with A Congregation in St. Louis, Wright City, Mo., and the Z's end with Zion Ministries, Malaga, Australia.

The directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups is available for $15 postpaid from BSA, 3316 Alberta Dr., Gillette, Wyo. 82718, U.S.A.

Or order by credit card by calling (307) 686-5191 or writing

See more about the BSA at

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