Notes and quotes

Church founder suffers apparent stroke

BEND, Ore.--Raymond Cole, founder of the Church of God the Eternal (CGE), suffered an apparent stroke July 18.

Jon Brisby of the CGE said July 25 that Mr. Cole "is actually doing much better, and we are optimistic that he may recover much of his physical strength. Time will tell."

Write Mr. Cole at P.O. Box 775, Eugene, Ore. 97440, U.S.A.

Church fires pastor

TUPELO, Miss.--The Tupelo Church of God dismissed Ed Mitchell as its pastor the Sabbath of July 28. The Journal plans to report details of the incident in the August issue.

A Journal writer needs help

BIG SANDY, Texas--Some articles for The Journal are prepared from taped interviews, then typed into a computer for use in articles.

Journal writer Bill Stough of Lonedell, Mo., who works full time in another job, would like help from someone who could transcribe interviews and E-mail them (or send them on computer diskettes) back to him. He usually does one interview per month.

"Many Journal readers do not understand that Journal writers are almost always unpaid volunteers," said Mr. Stough. "Our goal is to create open communications in the Church of God, but our circulation is not large enough for a paid staff."

Some of the interviews can be quite interesting, he said.

If you can help, contact Mr. Stough at or (636) 583-4838 (at his place of business, Tower Electronics), or write him in care of The Journal, P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A.

Orlando Feast updated

ANAHEIM, Calif.--For information on a Feast of Tabernacles site in Orlando, Fla., visit The site is sponsored by Christian Commandment Keepers Educational Seminars, founded by Mark Kaplan of Anaheim. Write Mr. Kaplan at

D&R paper and tape

GILLETTE, Wyo.--Dan White's article on divorce and remarriage, which is serialized in The Journal in last month's and this month's issues, is available in printed form and on audiotape (in Mr. White's voice) from Giving & Sharing, P.O. Box 100, Neck City, Mo. 64849, U.S.A.

Richard Nickels of Gillette, Wyo., director of Giving & Sharing, says Herbert W. Armstrong's 1953 article "Divorce and Remarriage" is also available at the Missouri address. See also

Transfers and ordinations

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God has named three new elders and has transferred several. In the Seattle, Wash., area, the UCG on May 27 ordained David Holladay and Warren Larson and on June 9 in Roseburg, Ore., ordained Andrew Burnett.

Among those transferring locations or altering their circuits are Earl Roemer, from Hawaii to Boise, Idaho, and Mark Mickelson, from Lewiston, Idaho, to Spokane, Wash., and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Last Sabbath

CLINTON, N.C.--The Church of God of Clinton invites everyone to its "last Sabbath of the month" observance, which next falls on Aug. 25.

Activities, according to Curtis and Connie Strouth, will include a church service and potluck meal. For more information contact the Strouths at 30 Eagle Rd., Clinton, N.C. 28328; (910) 592-2009; or

Hymnal on CD

TYLER, Texas--The Church of God International, based here, has announced that its "burgundy hymnal" is available on CD for congregational or individual use. Write or E-mail the home office to secure a set at P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710, U.S.A., or

CEG live on the Internet

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Church of the Eternal God offers live Bible studies and Sabbath sermons over the Internet. For information, and to listen to the services, go to The newsletter of the CEG is available online at

CEG to sponsor Feast

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Church of the Eternal God, based here, has announced four Feast sites for this fall. They include Hot Springs, Ark.; Nelson, B.C., Canada; Chatsworth, England (sponsored by the Global COG U.K., which is affiliated with the CEG); and Mohlenheide, Belgium.

The CEG formed in early July (see related articles, page 1).

Living response up

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Living Church of God's television program has received more responses compared with last year's at this time, Bill Bowmer of Living's editorial department told The Journal in July.

"I believe the figure was an 18 percent increase," said Mr. Bowmer. "We're going on three new commercial stations in August, and the number of public-access stations continues to increase as well."

CLA publishes 'Truth Seeker'

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.--The Christian Leadership Academy plans a "celebration-conference" to begin Friday night, Aug. 24, to commemorate the first anniversary of the Mount Pleasant (Texas) Church of God, pastored by Ian Hufton of Hawkins, Texas.

The meetings will be at Days Inn, 2501 W. Ferguson Rd., in Mount Pleasant at Highway 271 and Interstate 30.

Activities will include a CLA update from founder Alfred Harrell of Hot Springs and sermons by Julian Cruz of San Antonio, Texas, and Fred Porter of Hot Springs.

At the meetings, which will include dinner and a song service Saturday evening, the CLA plans to unveil its "Pursuit of the Truth" program.

For more information, contact Rosy Halley at (903) 849-2271 or Mr. Hufton at (903) 769-2314 or

Building bridges

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.--Building Bridges Minneapolis (BBM) announces that Dean Wheelock of Lakewood, Wis., publisher of the quarterly Hebrew Roots, will speak here the Sabbath of Sept. 15. For information contact Dona Fehr at (763) 572-8377.

BBM played host to 80 people for the "All Churches of God Picnic" July 29 in nearby Sullivan Lake Park.

Sabbath Fellowship Bible Study

HAWKINS, Texas--East Texas Fellowship, a group of the brethren from this area who meet to study "Hebrew roots," plans special Sabbath get-togethers in August and October, announced organizers Tim and Angie Kelley.

Gary Smith of Tyler, Texas, will present "Repentance: From a Hebraic Point of view," at 10:30 a.m. on the Sabbath of Aug. 18 in Hawkins Community Center.

On Oct. 27 at the same time and location, Ron McKown of Lorena, Texas, will present "Paul the Man, Paul the Apostle: His Beliefs, Our Understandings."

Activities each of the two Sabbaths will include a potluck lunch and interactive discussions.

For more information contact Mr. or Mrs. Kelley at or (903) 769-2750.

Free online newsletter

PASADENA, Calif.--David Antion offers a free online newsletter, Sabbath Thoughts. To subscribe contact Dr. Antion at, or visit

The July 15 edition reports on a recent visit Dr. Antion made to Houston and San Antonio, Texas, where he talked on marriage and the family before a group sponsored by George and Rosemary Crow of Katy, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizar and Mr. and Mrs. Terry Post of the San Antonio area.

CGI announces upcoming speaker visits

TYLER, Texas--The Church of God International, based here, has announced the special speakers who plan to visit congregations in August and September.

Bill Watson will deliver a Friday-night Bible study, "What Is the Truth Gospel?," in Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. 24.

Frank Marang will conduct Sabbath services in Abilene, Texas, Aug. 25.

Mr. Watson will conduct a Friday-night study in Dublin, Ohio, Sept. 15.

For more information contact John Dawson at (254) 647-3208 or Eugene Lucka at (614) 889-0316.

Magazine examines British-Israel

ALTADENA, Calif.--The July-August edition of Prophecy Flash!, published by Bill Dankenbring's Triumph Prophetic Ministries, is devoted to the identify of America and Britain in prophecy.

Mr. Dankenbring's views are contrary to those of most who believe in the so-called British-Israel doctrine. He believes the United States to be descended from the Israelite tribe of Ephraim, while he believes Britain is Manasseh.

For a free copy of the magazine, write P.O. Box 292, Altadena, Calif. 91003, U.S.A., or

No more Moseley group

ANAHEIM, Calif.--The Southern California meeting formerly known as Moseley Bible Study Group is now officially the Church of God Christian Commandment Keepers.

Elder Mark D. Kaplan regularly teaches and moderates discussions every second and fourth Sabbath.

Dr. Kaplan's dissertation, Contemporary Commandment-Keeping, Sectarian Christianity: Description, Analysis, Criticism is available at

There is still a Global

CHATSWORTH, England--A Feast of Tabernacles site was erroneously listed in the June issue of The Journal as sponsored by the Church of the Eternal God. Organizer Bob Devine, pastor and chairman of the board of trustees of the Global Church of God in the U.K., informs The Journal that the site is the sole location of a Feast observance sponsored by the Global Church of God, a separately incorporated entity in the United Kingdom.

Global U.K., however, is affiliated with the Church of the Eternal God, based in San Diego, Calif. For details, see

Only in The Journal

BIG SANDY, Texas--The July 31, 2001, issue of The Journal includes several pages of advertisements, including a four-page ad placed by the Christian Churches of God, Woden, Australia.

The four CCG pages are a pull-out section titled "Timeline of the Churches of God" and are edited by Wade Cox, elder of the CCG.

The July Journal includes a total of 36 pages of news, photos, features and advertisements.

Here is a list of display ads in the July issue:

  • "Timeline of the Churches of God," Christian Churches of God, Woden, Australia.
  • "Unforgivable Sins," Ministry Publications, Cottonwood, Ariz.
  • "Covenants: Old vs. New," Church of God Restored, Simi Valley, Calif.
  • "Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles 2100," Church of God Restored, Simi Valley, Calif.
  • "The Calendar of God," Brian Convery, Kendall, N.Y.
  • "The Sequel to Antichrist: The Final Warning," Prophetic Church of God, Glendale, Ariz.
  • "The Festival With Two Names," PLD, Oakhurst, Calif.
  • "Church of God Big Sandy Tape Program," Church of God Big Sandy.
  • "A Virtual Church," Association for Christian Development, Federal Way, Wash.
  • "Sabbath Fellowship Bible Study," East Texas Fellowship, Hawkins, Texas.
  • "Wanted: Mr. Armstrong's Last Sermon," Ed and Cindy Burson, Big Sandy.
  • "Get to Know the Truth About God's Annual Fall Feast and Holy Days," Restoring God's Truth, Middle Village, N.Y.
  • "Where Are We in Prophecy Now?," Geoffrey Neilson, Fish Hoek, South Africa.
  • "Feast of Tabernacles Corpus Christi," Church of God San Antonio.
  • "New From Triumph Prophetic Ministries," Triumph, Altadena, Calif.
  • "The Two Covenants," Brian Convery, Kendall, N.Y.
  • "Sabbath Singles Connection," SSC, Biggs, Calif.
  • "Church of God Big Sandy Feast Sites," Church of God Big Sandy.
  • "Feast of Trumpets," Congregation of YHWH, Jacksonville, Fla.
  • "Is Liberalism Sin?," Bethel Church of God, Eugene, Ore.
  • "Jesus Christ Was Sent With a Message for Mankind," Remnant Church of God, Jackson Center, Pa.
  • "Bible Knowledge Presentation 2001: An Invitation to Hear Exciting New Biblical Revelations," PLD, Oakhurst, Calif.
  • "Friends of the Sabbath International: Join Us in Wisconsin This Year!," Berean Fellowship, Dousman, Wis.
  • "The Age of Compromise," Stedfast Church of God, McMinnville, Ore.
  • "Part Nine: A Message to the Seventh Church: Holy Spirit," C.A. DeFeo.
  • "The Olivet Prophecy and Revelation's Seven Seals," Coman, Mayer, Ariz.
  • " to Sponsor Feast Site in Mendocino," Living the Way, Placerville, Calif.
  • "Join Us This Year for the Feast of Tabernacles?," Triumph, Altadena, Calif.
  • "Festival of Tabernacles St. Petersburg, Florida," Christian Church of God, Amarillo, Texas.
  • "Special Offer for The Journal's Readers," York Publishing Co., Hollister, Calif.
  • "An Old Letter to Bill Dankenbring: Do Angels Marry?," Dean Neal, Carson City, Nev.
  • "Unity Matters!," Bible Sabbath Association, Gillette, Wyo.
  • "Do You Follow Christ or Men?," Glen Myers, Clearwater, Fla.
  • "Eschatology Journal," AFSS Corp., North Miami, Fla.
  • "The Full Gospel," The Roadmap, Kansas City, Kan.
  • "Was Jesus Christ a Racist?," Glen Myers, Clearwater, Fla.
  • "Where Are You Going to the Feast?," Berean Fellowship, Dousman, Wis.
  • "Building Bridges Feast of Tabernacles 2001," Wayne and Claudia Speed, Cave Creek, Ariz.
  • "The Feast at Palm Springs," Guardian Ministries, Pasadena, Calif.

To see these ads and more, subscribe to The Journal for $24 a year (in the United States). Write P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A., or

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