Alumni plan reunion for '90s students

DALLAS, Texas--A reunion of students and faculty members from the Ambassador University of the '90s is planned for May 26-28 ( Memorial Day weekend and, for many in the Churches of God, Pentecost weekend) in Dallas, announced organizer Kevin Weeden of Wilmington, N.C.,

A committee of alumni who attended in the 1990s, some until the university closed in 1997, are planning the get-together. It includes Tracy Bradford of Plano, Texas, Class of 1994; Matt Hargus, Plano, 1997; Babu Kuria, San Jose, Calif., 1997; Cindy Bauter, Plano, 1991; Javier Riquelme, Dallas, 1994; Marilyn Philbrick, Plano, 1995; Sheila Covington, Irving, Texas, 1996; Shoshana Paige, Dallas, 1996; Steve Zavocki, Lewisville, Texas, 1994; Tonya Smith, Dallas, 1995; Tonia Weik, Dallas, 1996; and Wanda Bradford, Plano, 1996.

For more information, visit, or send questions to "The event is not sponsored by any church organization," said Mr. Weeden. "Rather, it is a self-supported event for faculty and alumni."

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