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Two congregations permanently combine

SPRINGDALE, Ark.--This spring a congregation of the Church of God (Seventh Day) and a congregation known as the Church of God Sabbath Day, founded by former Worldwide Church of God elder Tom Justus and friends, combined to form the Church of God 7th (Sabbath) Day.

Although members of the groups have different views about the feast days, they combined for Passover services.

"It was expressed by many from both groups that this was the most meaningful Passover that we had observed in years," said spokesman Merrill Hawke.

The brethren meet at 10 a.m. each Sabbath at 705 E. Meadow in Springdale. For more information call Mr. Justus at (501) 751-9535.

WCG leaders degreed

PASADENA, Calif.--Several leaders of the Worldwide Church of God received degrees from Azusa Pacific University here May 6, according to a member newsletter, The Worldwide News.

Pastor General Joseph Tkach Jr. became a doctor of ministry. Tom Hanson, editor of The Worldwide News, received a master of arts in religion with emphasis in biblical studies. Dave Smith received a master of arts in Christian education with emphasis in youth ministries.

The only graduate of the APU Ambassador Center, which was established in 1997 as somewhat of a replacement for Ambassador University, was Domenick Picinic of La Verne, Calif. He received a bachelor-of-science degree in graphic design.

Congregation starts

MILTON, Wash.--The Milton Church of God conducted its first meeting on the first day of Unleavened Bread this year with 20 people in attendance.

"This is an interactive fellowship," said Paula Vander Poel, "open to any who are interested in studying the Bible with us."

The congregation meets on the first and third Sabbaths of each month at Milton Community Center, 508 19th St.

Contact the congregation by E-mail at or or by phone at (253) 826-0953.

COG-AIC publishes Vision

PASADENA, Calif.--The Church of God, an International Community, pastored by David Hulme, has published the spring 2000 edition of Vision: Journal for a New World, the church's outreach magazine.

A subscription to the quarterly high-quality, slick-paper, perfect-bound publication is free by writing the church at 476 S. Marengo Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 91101, U.S.A., or by E-mail at The magazine is also available at and

The issue includes "A New Moderation in the Middle East?," "The Gospel for the 21st Century: Part 2" and "Rediscovering Leadership: Service vs. Self-Interest."

A Vision subscriber told The Journal he is impressed with what he described as a publication that looks much like a Neiman-Marcus catalog.

Orphanage damaged

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa--An orphanage in Antananarivo, Madagascar, sponsored by the Worldwide Church of God was damaged by a cyclone recently, according to a report in the May edition of a WCG-member newsletter, The Worldwide News.

"Thank God it appears that the children are okay," said James Henderson, WCG regional director for Africa.

UCG accepts elders

MILFORD, Ohio--Ken Murray, serving the Toowoomba, Australia area, and James Capo, Colorado Springs, Colo., were credentialed as elders at the February meeting of the council of elders of the United Church of God. Frank Fish of the Los Angeles, Calif., UCG congregation was ordained Feb. 26.

Jim Rector to speak in San Francisco

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--Jim Rector and his wife, Rita, of Texarkana, Texas, who operate the Cornerstone Publications ministry, will visit the San Francisco Bay area, where Mr. Rector plans to speak the Sabbath of July 22.

For more information contact Alan Barbee at (510) 895-8734, or visit

Arkadelphia Pentecost planned

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--Lake DeGray State Park, near Arkadelphia, Ark., will be the site of an extended Pentecost weekend June 9-11 for Arkansas and Texas fellowships of independent Churches of God.

Church of God elders have obtained permission to perform an outdoor Pentecost service open to Church of God members but also open to other visitors to the park. For details contact Jim Ussery of North Little Rock at (501) 565-7283 or (501) 565-4386 or Ian Hufton of Hawkins, Texas, at (903) 769-2314.

Church goes to prison

HAWKINS, Texas--Members of the East Texas Church of God went to prison March 11. They visited the Telford Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections at New Boston, Texas, for orientation to be "religious volunteers" in the Texas prison system.

Once they are certified, their names will be entered into the TDC computer system, and they will, with the approval of the prison chaplain, be allowed to conduct worship services for inmates. "We pray God will open doors and allow us to use this teaching to His benefit," said Rosy Halley, a member of the East Texas Church of God.

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