Church announces eight youth camps

By Dave Havir

The United Church of God, an International Association, based in Milford, Ohio, has announced the location of its youth camps and related details for 2000.

The UCG-AIA will sponsor eight youth camps for people ages 9-18.

Locations and dates

Here are the locations and dates of the eight sites:

  • Pinecrest camp is outside Fredericktown, Mo. Age range is 11-18. Fee is $225. Dates are June 7-15. Camp director is Greg Sargent.
  • Oakhurst camp is in California on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. The age range is 11-18 for the teen camp and 9-10 for preteens. The fee is $215 for teens and $190 for preteens. The dates are June 25­July 2. Camp director is Bill Bradford.
  • Woodman camp is in northern Alabama. Age range is 11-18. Fee is $170. The dates are July 2-9. Director is David Dobson.
  • Teton Challenger camp has openings for 60 campers. Age range is high-school students who have attended at least one United camp. Fee is $275. The dates are July 19-28. Director is Paul Luecke.
  • Carter camp is on the northwest side of Fort Worth, Texas. Age range is 11-18. Fee is $215. Dates are July 23-30. Director is Ken Treybig.
  • McKenzie camp is near Eugene, Ore. Age range is 10-18. The fee is $215. Dates are July 30­Aug. 6. Director is Matthew Fenchel.
  • Heritage camp is near Farmington, Pa. Age range is 12-18. The fee is $155. Dates are Aug. 13-20. Director is Darris McNeely.
  • Winter camp is in southern Wisconsin. Ages are 10-18. Fee is $185. Dates are Dec. 26-31. Director is Steve Nutzman.

Contact information

May anyone attend a United youth camp? According to the camp brochure, anyone who is willing to observe the "code of honor" and "comply with the values" of the program is welcome to attend.

For more information, write P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A.

Or visit on the Web.

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