Living members pay tribute to Dr. Meredith

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--Longtime Church of God member and evangelist Roderick C. Meredith, founder of the Living Church of God, marked 50 years of service in the Church of God in September.

Dr. Meredith, originally from Missouri, came to Ambassador College in September 1949. After graduation he served for many years in the Worldwide Church of God.

In 1993, after certain doctrinal changes in the WCG, Dr. Meredith founded the Global Church of God, headquartered in San Diego.

In November 1998 Global split. At that time Dr. Meredith founded Living, also headquartered in San Diego.

"During the past seven years [Dr. Meredith] has followed in Herbert W. Armstrong's footsteps in an international radio and television work proclaiming the true gospel and once again teaching the full truth of the Church of God," said Brian Harris, a Living Church of God member from Oceanside, Calif.

See Mr. Harris's tribute to Dr. Meredith in the letters section beginning on page 2.

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