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Brochure promotes feasts

TYLER, Texas--A new brochure from the Church of God International shows how the feast days portray God's plan.

The Fall Festivals: Portrait of God's Plan for Reconstruction, addresses these questions:

  • Do the days relate only to ancient Israel? What about Christians?
  • What is the prophetic significance of the fall feasts?
  • How can God expect the nations of a sinful earth to cooperate? How will He go about effecting collaboration?
  • What should people do in anticipation of events?

For a free copy, write the Church of God International at P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710, U.S.A.

Dr. Bacchiocchi offers tapes

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.--Seventh-day Adventist scholar and professor Samuele Bacchiocchi is offering video and audio cassettes of his lecture "The Sabbath Under Crossfire: A Look at Recent Developments," which he delivered Aug. 29 at the Village SDA Church here.

To order send a check for $20 for the videotape or $10 for two audio cassettes to Dr. Bacchiocchi at 4990 Appian Way, Berrien Springs, Mich. 49103. His Web site is at

Dr. Bacchiocchi discusses four major topics in his lecture: "The Sabbath in my life"; the rediscovery of the Sabbath; the Sabbath under attack; and the significance of the pope's pastoral letter "Dies Domini."

Steven Collins on prophecy

SYDNEY, Australia--Steven Collins, author of Lost Ten Tribes of Israel: Found!, plans to visit New Zealand and Australia next year, announced Craig White, coordinator of History Research Projects and publisher of Origins of Nations magazine.

Mr. Collins, from Sioux Falls, S.D., will present a series of lectures on the migrations of the lost tribes of Israel from the Middle East to their modern locations.

"If you have read his book, it would be apparent that his style is to put together a highly complex subject into a very readable form for the average person," said Mr. White.

"But if you have not yet read it we highly recommend it as one of the best ever published on the subject."

For more information on Mr. Collins' itinerary down under, write GPO Box 864, Sydney 2001, Australia.

Kids donate bears

BIG SANDY, Texas--Preschoolers through sixth-graders in the United Church of God Big Sandy concluded a community-service project Sept. 19 called Wanted: Old Teddy Bears. The children collected clean, used teddy bears and other stuffed animals to donate to the Big Sandy Police Department.

Officers will use the stuffed animals to give to children who, for whatever reason, have been separated from their parents.

The children presented the animals to the department Sept. 19 after Sabbath services.

German UCG and GCG cooperate

BONN, Germany--Paul Kieffer of the United Church of God's office in Germany reports that UCG Germany and the Global Church of God Germany are jointly publishing a Global article in German in their respective German-language publications in October.

As a supplement to the UCG study paper on the Hebrew calendar (which the UCG Germany has already published), the UCG Germany requested permission from the Global Church of God to reprint the article "Which Calendar Has God authorized?" by Raymond McNair from the Global Church News issue of July-August 1996, Mr. Kieffer said.

The UCG Germany offered to translate the article at no expense to Global.

He said Global granted permission to reprint the article and is doing the final proofreading of the translation prepared by UCG Germany.

He said the article will be published in the UCG's Intern newsletter and in Global's Die Welt der Zukunft journal in October.

The UCG Germany is affiliated with the United Church of God, an International Association, Cincinnati, Ohio.

ICG coordinators meet

TYLER, Texas--The seven area coordinators of the Intercontinental Church of God met with Garner Ted and Shirley Armstrong here for two days of meetings Aug. 15-16.

On the agenda was the "state of the work," Feast plans and other subjects.

Also presenting were Tom Kerry on leadership Training and Chris Cumming on the state of the church's Web sites on the Internet.

The coordinators are Phill Dunagan, E.B. Vance, James Ricks, Bruce Chapman, George Trent, Tom Kerry and Frank Scherich.

Booklet hot off the press

CINCINNATI, Ohio--The United Church of God, an International Association, recently completed and printed a new booklet, The Ten Commandments.

At 80 pages and written by longtime elder Roger Foster, it is the largest yet published by the UCG. It is the 10th booklet produced by the church and the fourth published this year.

The new piece of literature was mailed to all United States UCG households and international representatives. Anyone can request a free copy by writing to UCG at P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A.

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