You're invited to report on your Feast site for The Journal

At the time of this writing, Church of God brethren all over the world were about to begin their journeys to Feast of Tabernacles sites--at least 200 of them--around the world.

The Feast this year will be observed by most Church of God groups and individuals beginning the evening of Oct. 4 and ending Oct. 12.

Because of different views of calendars, calendar postponements and dates of new moons, some of the brethren observe the festival each year on dates other than those specified by the Jewish calendar, which is followed by most Church of God groups.

The Journal invites Feastgoers to send in short articles about the brethren and their Feast activities as soon as possible after the Feast. Some reports are scheduled for the October issue; more will run in the November issue.

Mail information to Festival Report, The Journal, P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A. Or E-mail it to or Or fax it to (903) 636-9965. Please do not forward Feast reports from Internet forums without permission of the writers (and please include a note stating that the writer grants permission for the report to run in The Journal).

Please include the writer's name, address and phone number on the first page of the article or message, and include names of the nearest city and state or province, as well as the name of the country, in which the Feast was observed.

Please include the dates of the Feast observance. Please include the name of church or fellowship affiliation, if any, or other sponsor of the site.

Please limit reports to 300 words. Longer articles may be edited for space.

A writer may include one or two good-quality color or black-and-white prints. Please describe the content of the photographs, with subjects' names and identification and the Feast-site location, as well as the photographer's name.

Everybody at The Journal hopes you have a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles 1998!

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