Felton Feast to accommodate multiple calendar systems

PLACERVILLE, Calif.--Word is spreading about the "Lake Tahoe Feast of Tabernacles site," said Jack Lane, one of the people preparing for the site.

The Tahoe site will be unusual this year, Dr. Lane said, in that it will not be at Lake Tahoe but at Felton, Calif., in the Santa Cruz Mountains. "It's almost like a Tahoe Feast by the sea," he said. The location will be Felton Community Hall, 6191 Highway 9, with a seating capacity of 300.

Activities will include a family dance, circle-dancing workshops, youth and adult choirs, trips and group activities. "Please let us know ahead of time if you'd like to help play hymns, sing in the choir, perform special music or help in other ways," he said.

Dates for the Feast this year are Oct. 5-14 (the 10 days are to accommodate more than one calendar system).

"Bring your own [feast-day] calendar," said Dr. Lane, and "be prepared to share what you have been studying in your Bibles." The tentative schedule is for services daily at 10 a.m., except for the two family days (Thursday and Sunday), when no services will be scheduled, and the weekly Sabbath, when services will be at 1:30.

"We would like to coordinate more help from parents and teens for youth classes. If you have served as a youth teacher in the past or would like to do so this year, please let us know."

Dr. Lane recommends that brethren planning to attend first contact the Scott's Valley Chamber of Commerce, at (408) 438-1010, or the Felton Chamber of Commerce, at (408) 335-2764, about housing accommodations. Nearby Santa Cruz has many hotels and motels, he said, along with beach houses to rent in many price ranges.

Concerning the reason for the 10-day observance, because of varying perspectives on the festival calendar, "it would seem that we have at least two starting dates for the Feast, Oct. 5 and 6, and possibly a third, Oct. 7. Therefore we plan on holding the Feast beginning on Oct. 5 and running for nine or 10 days, as needed."

For more information, write Dr. Lane in care of The Way Publications, P.O. Box 1976, Placerville, Calif. 95667, or call Bill Creamer at (800) 808-2560.

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