Magazine plans to target non-COGers

By Mac Overton

Shelter in the Word, a magazine for people with no Church of God background, began publication with the March-April issue, announced Norm Edwards, who also publishes Servants' News.

Shelter in the Word's purpose "is to help its readers learn to study the Bible, on their own or with others, and to establish a lasting relationship with the Eternal," Mr. Edwards said. "Shelter in the Word will not promote membership in any organization."

The first issue is 24 pages and contains articles on lessons from the Titanic, overcoming fear, dates in the Bible, using Scripture references and angels and articles titled "Listening to the Heart," "The Ministry of Parenthood" and "Which Church Did People in the Bible Attend?"

The approach of the magazine will not be to "teach as many Church of God doctrines to people as quickly as possible," Mr. Edwards said.

"But it will be to encourage people to study the Bible, to do what it says, and to talk about it with others. Christ often healed people first, then taught them truth.

"Shelter in the Word will attempt to serve people first: answer questions that they have, show them that the Bible can help them. It will expose the errors of some popular Christian doctrines, but the method will be let us help you understand a common mistake rather than look how bad you've been, you pagan."

The publisher plans to distribute the magazine free of charge; it will contain no advertising.

It will be on loose-leaf, letter-size white paper to make it easy to copy and study.

"It is hoped that a circulation will be created by Sabbatarians giving them to friends, placing them in waiting rooms, and possibly placing advertisements for them," said Mr. Edwards.

"Local congregations are encouraged to use this magazine as just part of bigger local evangelism plans.

"Shelter in the Word will be included with Servants' News for several months, but separate Shelter subscriptions will also be available immediately."

For a sample copy or free subscription, write to P.O. Box 220, Charlotte, Mich., 48813. Phone (517) 543-5544, fax (517) 543-8899, or E-mail

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